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This a group for anyone interested in experiencing the power of God on a personal level in every aspect of their lives. I am starting this Meet Up Group in order to share some of the answers I had been looking for and to spread the "good news" of the Gospel. It's way less complicated than I have seen it presented in the past. We will have weekly teaching, Bible study, and practical application by hitting the streets and praying for people. This will be fun and no pressure, and it will change your life forever. It changed mine. Everything we will do is fully supported by and in YOUR Bible and based on training principles developed by John G Lake and presently being taught by Curry Blake.

Rev. Blake is currently President of The International Divine Healing Association (IDHA), which is a network of Christians involved in the divine healing ministry. Curry also heads the Divine Healing Institute (DHI), a research and development training organization specifically directed toward increasing the effectiveness of Divine Healing Technicians and members of the IDHA.

The IDHA also oversees all training and communications with John G. Lake Healing Rooms.

(Please note: The Healing Rooms in Spokane are not affiliated with John G. Lake Ministries nor do they teach Dr. Lake’s Divine Healing Technician Training material.)
LifeTeam is an International ministry and you can find additional information at the following links:
http://jglm.org/lifeteams/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msjJBe0TaMo&list=P... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msjJBe0TaMo&list=PLejoOn8R004YKXPU1y6fDBLrf9bfZGDvE)

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