What we're about

A group for those living around South East London who are keen cyclists looking for weekend adventures. Level is basic to intermediate, men and woman.

We aim to be fun, cruise interesting routes and enjoy each others company. We aim to be inclusive, to enable those who may not be 'racing snakes' to cruise with us at a comfortable pace and want to come back to cycle with us time and again.

We will aim to stop for fluids/refreshments periodically to allow us all to rest, chat and engage with each other.

The boring bit: To facilitate good planning, please do make the effort to respond to the RSVPs, it's OK not to cycle, we are all busy people, but please do let us know. Members of the group who routinely don't respond to the RSVPs will be periodically removed (but may subsequently rejoin if they wish). If you cycle with us, you will remain a member of the group :)

If you want to plan and lead a cycling adventure - Message Howard S.

We look forward to adventure cycling with you soon!

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