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*Come Together To Share Sacred Space*

Inviting all Female and Female identifying persons to unite in our womanhood through movement, ceremony, meditation & ritual.
For many People sharing and being vulnerable in a public space is out of their comfort zones, However overcoming this brings the potential for healing, union and authenticity.

Having fallen out of favor with the Western World for centuries we aim to bring back the long standing tradition of Women's Circles. A Universal tool of connection and empowerment and more relevant to today a safe space to heal from the wounds of the Patriarchy.

Our fortnightly circles will change in themes and be honored by ritual, movement, meditation and song.

-Ecstatic Dance-

Ecstatic dance is a form of dance which involves following no specific steps. The dance serves as a form of meditation, using our bodies as the tool. A Wonderful way to get out of our minds and into our bodies- as humans we hold on to all sort of things which leave physical imprints, We are the only species who schedule movement time. Ecstatic dance helps release stagnant energy and ignite inner creative, dynamic life force.

Lucy Zae Porter is a practicing Alternative Healer and Visual Artist. Specializing in Western Astrology, Crystal Healing and The Tarot. After spending 4 years on the road, traveling The Americas she returned to London in January 2018 and completed her studies in both Tantra Year 1 and Natal Astrology. Her goal in this work is to hold space to support Women in their journey to a place of true self love and empowerment.
She is currently studying to be a High Priestess in The Temple of Magdalene and enrolled in The Shamanic Training Foundation Course, The Medicine Wheel. She is based in London and offers 1:1 Readings and Intuitive Healing.

Rhiannon is a 250h Karuna yoga instructor and Reiki levels 1+2 practitioner. Her passion for yoga started almost accidentally and has been transformational in every way taking her on journeys both inward and out around the globe travelling to India, the Asia and the Americas.
Spending time in spiritual communities around the world has given rise for a need to create a safe empowering space for women here in London. Rhiannon’s goal is create the ideal environment for women to come back to their centres enabling a life lead by intuition through ways of yoga, ecstatic dance, energy healing and breath work.

-£10- 7-9pm in London SE12, Lee Green Community Centre

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South East Sisters Circle & Ecstatic Dance

Lee Green Community Centre

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