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Annual membership with South East Queensland Campers Meetup group is $7.50 per person ($15 per couple) payable at the time of requesting to join.
Our membership year commences 1 October each year.

South East Queensland Campers consists of adventurous, fun-loving mature aged campers (40/50/60/70+ years), empty nester Baby Boomers and grey nomads spanning south to Northern New South Wales, north to northern regions of the Sunshine Coast and west to Southern Country Queensland.

We do not cater for families with children as there are plenty of other Meetup social groups that would be more suitable.

Annual membership with South East Queensland Campers Meetup group is $7.50 per person ($15 per couple) payable at the time of requesting to join. Our membership year commences 1 October each year.

Once a member, subject to space availability and event, you can invite a non-member guest (your Plus 1), however a guest incurs $5 per person, per event, and must be pre-paid at least one week prior to the event. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure payment is made for your guest and that your RSVP reflects that you are bringing a guest. More details on guests below. It's cheaper to be a member.

Scroll down for bank details and our process for payments. 
Requests to Join are deemed 'pending memberships' until your request is reviewed and your annual membership payment lands in our dedicated account. Once payment is received your 'pending membership' will then advance to ‘paid member’ where you have access to view all of our events and RSVP to events you wish to attend.

Pending members who have not paid their membership after 2 weeks from the date of applying to join the group will be removed. Ensure you have your Settings to allow email notifications and alerts from our group.

PROFILE PHOTO: All members to upload a real photo of yourself and retain it online at all times so we can easily identify you from your photo at our camping events. We want to see the real you. No landscapes, camping set up, pets, kids, caricatures etc. We want to see the real you.

LOG ON TO OUR WEBSITE: We want you to be an 'active' member by periodically logging on to our website group page so you can view our events and attend at least one camping Meetup a year - the more the better.

Make sure you have your notifications set so you can receive alerts or emails for our events, updates, emails, alterations, tips and tricks. You must manage your own mobile phone/PC settings to receive South East Queensland Meetup group emails or notifications when new events are scheduled, cancellations, news and updates. You can search how to manage ‘Push Notifications’ in Settings / Preferences, often located at the top right on the main Meetup home page or your own Profile page if using a mobile device, or in your Profile on a PC. Depending on your device, it may be a ‘cog’ wheel and drop down box of selections. Navigate your way from there. If in doubt, ask a fellow camper in the group to help you when you're at an event.

We welcome all members to host an event if you’re comfortable doing so. It’s easy and you have our help. Your leadership team of Group Organiser and Co-Organisers will assist you with review of your suggestion and if it’s a goer, we will post the event on your behalf, nominate you as Event Host, help you write content and upload imagery, and be there to help you with any questions. You pretty well just need to ring/email the campground to see if there’s space available and be the ‘go to’ person for the event, answering online enquiries etc.

We encourage Event Hosts to arrange a ‘sunset happy hour’ somewhere central at the location for all attendees to congregate, enjoy a drink, sit around a campfire (if permitted) and share yarns.

The beauty and success of this group is that we don’t usually have any set schedules for structured activities or alarm clocks however we may include suggestions or recommendations of nearby points of interest in events so you can get out of your camp site and explore the region, meet fellow campers and build friendships in a relaxed, happy atmosphere.

$7.50 per person or $15 per couple.
BSB 484799
Account 501238639
Reference: You must include your profile name so we can align payment to you. If you don’t do this, then we won’t know who payment is from. You can also private message Linda G, our Group Organiser, to advise of your payment. To private message, click on Linda G profile and then click on the 'conversation' icon.

All pending 'Request to Join’ memberships remain online for two weeks then profiles removed if payment is not received. Request to Join applications are reviewed to ensure we don't have pesky trolls, then upon receipt of payment advanced to full paid member. Remember to post a real photo of yourself so we can identify you from your photo and welcome you to our camping events. 
We are a volunteer non-paid no profit social group with no ABN or insurances etc – everything is at your own risk as detailed in the T&Cs with meetup.com when you first signed up with Meetup (not our camping group). Refer meetup.com T&Cs.

The South East Queensland Campers annual membership fee just covers hard costs to utilise the international Meetup website and online tools, and any surplus funds are redistributed to subsidise targeted group events, eg. a larger group BBQ dinner or lunch, signage, perhaps a bag of wood at larger events if there's surplus funds.

Membership requests on/after 1 July: membership fee is $5.00 per person ($10 per couple) taking you up to 30 September whereby the new membership year commences from 1 October and full membership of $7.50 per person ($15 a couple), is payable thereafter for the year ahead. No reminders are sent - manage your diary to ensure prompt payment so you are not deleted from the group for non-payment.

Guests / Visitors / Plus 1 guest:  
At times we hold member-only events and at times, space/venue may allow us to invite a maximum of one guest to our meetups. An accompanying (Plus 1) visitor of a fully paid member is $5.00 per person per meetup event, payable prior to the event in to the group bank account. 
This is the responsibility of the full member to ensure the pre-payment is made for your guest. You'd be better off getting them to join and pay a full membership!
Payment reference for guests - So we can cross check guests payment, at the time of transferring payment, please include bank reference of the paid member, eg. "Linda G Plus 1" then private message Group Organiser Linda G with event details the guest is attending so she can check it off as guest paid. 

On top of your annual membership fee, camping fees to our camping meetups vary from venue to venue however we will endeavour to try and cater to all budgets including pet-friendly locations.

It is your own responsibility to book and pay your own fees direct to the event campground and discuss your needs (non-power, power, water, location to amenities etc) unless other arrangements are stated in the event page. 
Always mention you are with South East Queensland Camping group so campground personnel can position you close by to other members, that is, unless you want to keep your own privacy and distance. The choice is yours.
Sometimes we may hold non-camp related social events that incur pre-payment however all events will have detailed information. These may be group lunches, dinners, social activities outside of camping.

We usually have red Meetup logo signage or a red Meetup logo flag and red SEQ Campers teardrop banners to identify our group. At most camping events, we congregate somewhere central for Sunset Happy Hour (usually from around 4.30pm) for you to mix and mingle with fellow members. Please be proactive to come over, introduce yourself and say g’day. It's usually BYO chair, drinks, nibblies to share and of course, a good sense of humour. You can also ask campground staff where are most of the South East Queensland Campers set up. Follow the noise of fun and laughter. That will be us! Simply refer to each event with any activities, eg Sunset Happy Hour, group dinners, lunches etc. 
It is not always up to the event Host to organise Sunset Happy Hour - it's a group thing so please be proactive and chip in.

Our 'no show' / 'late cancellation' policy is simple. If you are a ‘no show’ to an event you RSVPd to, or cancel your attendance within 24 hours of an event where a booking has been made; on two separate occasions you may be removed from the group. It's important we do the right thing by our venues and the group; plus, it's just good manners. No shows and last minute cancellations may also affect the overall $$ fees - please be mindful and respectful to the event Host and fellow campers.

It is up to each member to manage their own RSVP, edit and/or change to Unable to Attend with at maximum notice you can provide so we know real numbers attending. This website, and the Meetup App, is very easy to use so ensure you keep your RSVP is up to date.

On most smartphones, click on the Event you RSVPd that you were going to, and you will see You're Going! It also has a link to Edit RSVP. It is here that you click on and update 'No' for not going. This will automatically update the event so we have confirmed numbers attending. If in doubt, private message the event host for guidance or refer to "Help" on the main Meetup home page.

We're all in this together to create a welcoming, fun and comfortable environment. Let's treat everyone with respect, kindness and courtesy. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. As mentioned already, all members must upload a true photo on their profile so we can easily identify you - the real you, not a pet, landscape etc. 
No Hate Speech or Bullying
Make sure everyone feels safe and at ease. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated. Unnecessary or unacceptable comments, and verbal and/or online bickering will be deleted. 
No Promotions or Spam
Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed.
Respect Everyone's Privacy
Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Everyone is to respect other's privacy, discussions, camp space and personal possessions.
We all want to enjoy a fun, stress-free camping getaway. Many of us enjoy a social drink however if you push the limits and make people feel uncomfortable with unacceptable conversations and/or your unacceptable actions and behaviour, you may be asked to leave the campground, and/or group. Unacceptable behaviour is extremely rare in our group however should it ever happen, please privately report happenings to the Group Organiser or Event Host for appropriate review or action.

No Off Shoot Private Camping Events
Members are not to have direct contact via the South East Queensland Campers Meetup platform to invite other members to non-full group, ie. private camping events. Use your own private emails and phone numbers if you form friendships. Private "silo" camping events will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the group. We are ONE group for all paid members. The South East Queensland Campers Meetup platform is for the sole purpose of FULL GROUP event and communication notifications.

We will not allow our group's good reputation with fellow members, campgrounds and/or venues, be jeopardised with inappropriate behaviour of any kind. Immediate removal and/or banning from rejoining our group will be at the discretion of the Group Organiser.

If you join the group and/or are a participant in any of its activities, you agree that you are participating at your own risk and that no other member or guest will be held responsible for any mishaps, injury or property loss or damage sustained to you or your guest through your participation in any of South East Queensland Campers activities.

Thank you,
Linda G
(volunteer) Group Organiser

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