What we're about

Do you want to make a difference in Winnipeg? There are many needs, even in Winnipeg, and this group is for those (especially those in SE Winnipeg) who are (1) willing to make a difference and (2) interested in meeting other people who are willing to make a difference!

Outside of South-East Winnipeg? You're welcome to join, but our main meetings will take place in SE Winnipeg.

This group has no direct religious or other affiliation. All faiths and beliefs are welcome.

We will undertake projects and work on events to help the poor and needy in Winnipeg without judgment, without agenda, showing a heart to love people simply because they are people. We may work for events put on by other organizations, or we may put on our own. Suggestions are always welcome.

How Often Will We Work / Meet / Make A Difference? Not sure right now, it depends on the interest level, the time availability, and other resources of those involved. It depends on the hearts people have. Maybe once a month at the most? Odds are good you're busy with your life, just like I and my family are.

Who should join?
- If you're a busy professional who wants to make a difference but doesn't know how!
- If you've experienced help from others before, it made a big difference in your life, and you want to pay that help forward
- You're someone who gives money to charity but wants to give more than just money.
- If your heart goes out to hurting people and you don't want to put your head in the sand and ignore it; you're willing to actually do something, you just want some help to make the time.
- If you're a Christian in SE Winnipeg who is looking for opportunities to actually live out the love of Jesus in your city.

Who should not join?
- Those interested in getting financial help for themselves. That's not the purpose of this group.
- Those ONLY interested in networking. While networking is a nice benefit, you're only welcome if you're going to do something. We are DIFFERENCE MAKERS.
- Those for whom service is an interruption, something you have to be guilted into doing. Stay home.
- Those who would rather put their heads in the sand and ignore the massive problems in Winnipeg.
- Those who would rather blame someone else for the suffering or complain about the politics involved, rather than do something about it. Those who want to TALK rather than DO.

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CFS School Supply Drive Organizing Meeting (DATE TBA)

Smittys Meadowood

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