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This group is for those who have an inner call for self-transformation and spiritual evolution and who resonate with or want to learn more about Osho, the Cosmic Cobra Breath practice, Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga, Sound Healing, Reiki and more...

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Earth Medicine Circles with Shamanic Practitioner Debra Kelly

Urban Namaste Ipsalu Osho Meditation Center

Join us in the Art of Shamanic play, enter the Path of the Heart where unseen realms come to life & entice the Soul to come out of hiding. This gathering is a unique expression of Contemplative Ritual, Ceremony and Sacred Sound, Designed for those who wish to take their Earth-walk to Deeper places of awareness. We live in a Magical Universe as Co-creators ~ Alchemists~ Earth stewards... Consciously Weaving our Dreams into Reality. Ceremony is the Bridge of Intention, Connecting the Inner world of our Souls with the outer world of our daily lives.Vibration is the Pathway of Alchemy that transcends human language & seeds the Awakening of our unique and Sacred coding. Journey into SELF & raise the vibrational frequency of your Heart. Enter the place of Awareness inside of you, where Dreams are Remembered & Healing Begins. Investment: ($15 Energy Exchange) All are welcome

Beyond Yoga with Paty Renda

Urban Namaste Ipsalu Osho Meditation Center

(Paty is a kind and masterful teacher. No Ego in this class ~ All Heart) Come experience a delicious asana flow challenging and fun to all levels and bodies! In this class, you will not only learn yoga postures, breathing techniques and cool meditation tools for daily life. You will also learn how to handle stress, how to love yourself a bit more, how to flow easily through life! Let's build together a yoga class filled with amazing experiences! $12 per class/ cash only $15 for credit card Much love, Paty www.patyrenda.com[masked]

Kundalini Yoga for Recovery with Gary Marshall

Urban Namaste Ipsalu Osho Meditation Center

The Kundalini Yoga for Recovery program involves healing mental trauma through physical practices. (kriyas, pranayams, meditations) Increasing our awareness of mental and emotional patterns that keep us stuck in addictive cycles. Naturally accessing inner wisdom that motivates us to choose to embrace a healthy lifestyle. The basic principle is the body can heal itself with balanced habits as medicine. No Kundalini Yoga experience necessary. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is a dynamic form of yoga that combines breathing techniques, physical exercises, meditation, mantra and deep relaxation. This yoga is taught in specific sequences of exercises (kriyas) that create optimum health by strengthening the immune system, balancing the glands and creating a heightened level of awareness. It is practical for the average person, because it works to release tension and energize in a short period of time, regardless of degree of flexibility or experience. A transformative experience to clear the mind, heal the body and elevate the spirit. All levels welcome. $15 per class ~ First Class is Free! Gary Marshall, also known as Jasdayal Singh Since being introduced to Kundalini Yoga in the 70’s, Gary’s spiritual journey has always revolved this profound practice brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan. Out of the desire to share this transformative experience with others, he became a certified teacher in 2006. He is continually amazed and humbled to see the immediate positive results this practice has on people. He also loves teaching the Y.O.G.A. for Youth program, which brings the tools of Kundalini Yoga to children in foster homes, juvenile detention centers and other at-risk populations. At this time with the entire world in need healing, he is grateful to be able share these blessings with humankind. In his spare time he can be found in, on or near the beautiful Atlantic ocean.

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Practice & Heart-Space with Nayano

Urban Namaste Ipsalu Osho Meditation Center

Experience the effects of the powerful science of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga: Senior Ipsalu Teacher Nayano will guide you through a Two-Phase class: First Phase: The Ipsalu Formula Practice * Activating the body with movement * Stilling the mind * Arousing sexual energy in the lower chakras * Transmuting that energy to connect with heart and consciousness * Enjoy meditation Second Phase: The Heart-Space In this phase the group is guided through a choreographed interaction that takes one step by step into their divine sensitive nature and deeply into the heart, from this space you are able to connect heart to heart - soul to soul. Revisit your innocent, intuitive Self ~ and remember.... $15 person or love donation ~ no one turned away On the Fridays when Nayano is travel-teaching, the class will be led by Assitant Ipsalu certified teachers Saran Love, Lucio Magalhaes & Ma Deva Roshani Wear comfortable clothing, bring your water and leave your mask at the door. There is no nudity or sexual activity in this class. True Tantra is about Transformation ~ once one has transformed and raised their sexuality from the lowest vibration to the highest, their sexual nature has deepened and matured and Tantric sex becomes a by-product of the one's evolutionary process.

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Weekly Beyond Sound Healing with Alonso & Paty

Urban Namaste Ipsalu Osho Meditation Center

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