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OnLine Webinar: Intro to our REAL Estate Investor Community
This is a webinar I'd like to share with everyone in our group. If you're looking to connect with and Learn new strategies from a National community of Real Estate Investors then you're in the right place. This webinar will introduce you to the strategies that this highly successful group of real estate investors are using and how you can tap into these strategies yourself. This is where I got started with my RE Investing career and I want to share it with all of you. I know this is not a typical Meetup scenario but it will give you the opportunity to plug into a national community (network) of investors and entrepreneurs. Which I believe is the point of Meetup. To meet new people with similar interests. If you are interested in joining the Webinar then RSVP and I will share the link with you. Space is limited so I'll need to register each guest for the Webinar. We hold this live Webinar several times a week and we can also share a recorded version with you so you can watch at your convenience. Just be sure to RSVP. But don't wait too long! This could be the opportunity you have been looking for. It was for me! Yours in success, Jeremy C.

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We are a group of Seasoned and novice Real Estate Investors and Business Owners. The purpose of this meetup is to introduce members to our local & national community of investors, share plans and strategies on how individuals can create massive income and wealth through real estate investing and business ownership in the current economy. People who should join are looking for ways to increase their income, create wealth for their retirement, learn different and creative investment strategies, become business owners and network with other like minded people who do not want the current economy to control their financial future!

If your looking to get educated on different real estate investing strategies and work with a friendly, local and national team of investors that will keep you moving towards your Financial Goals then this is the place for you! Come meet us at our next event.

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