What we're about

The Empowering South Florida Women In Agile is a community of Sunshine Agilistas and allies who support Women In Agile. We are focused on helping each other grow and thrive personally and professionally through mentorship, learning through sharing personal stories and experiences, and building strong relationships through member facilitated sessions and fun activities.

Our organizations are transforming.

• We MUST show up

• We MUST speak up about what is important to us

• We MUST confidently take a seat at the table

• We MUST be willing to take risks and learn

• We MUST lift each other up

As Agilistas, we have an opportunity as catalysts of this change...This is OUR MOMENT!

If you are a female agile practitioner (an Agile Leader, Coach, Scrum Master, Agile Project Manager, Agile Business analyst, Software Developer, Tester, Product Owner, Product Manager, Agile Trainer or any form of agile enthusiast and just interested in learning more about Agile, and empowering you fellow agilistas, you are welcome.

If you are among the many men who support and provide allyship and empower Women in Agile, you are welcome. Our organization values diversity of opinion and welcomes all perspectives as we evolve in Agile together.

This group is agile methodology agnostic and welcomes Agilists from all disciplines.

Empowering South Florida Women in Agile is part of a larger grass roots effort to get more women involved in the Agile community through blogging, speaking at events, building a network with other women, and creating a mentorship program for women (www.womeninagile.com).

Our members abide by a code of conduct: https://womeninagile.org/sample-page/code-of-conduct/. Please review and if you don't agree with anything in there, or you see a violation of this within our group. please bring it to the immediate attention of the organizers.

We meet on a monthly basis to discuss topics selected by the group and share our respective experiences as Agilistas. We welcome suggestions about meetup locations, speakers, discussion topics and events.


Join us!

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Personal Maps Workshop - from Management 3.0

Online event

How well do you know your work colleagues? Their hobbies, ambitions or personal background? Forming closer connections with your team members, leads to improved team collaboration. Knowing more about each other will help you trust and form a stronger team. Want a creative and engaging technique to get to know your colleagues better? Join us for the Personal Maps - a virtual workshop presented by Sandra Wong. Participants will have a chance to create and share their personal map using Miro and will walk away with the knowledge of how to use this Personal Map activity and the template to implement within their teams and organizations. A personal map is a mental map of a person. It’s a Management 3.0 technique and is designed to make it easier for you and your team to get to know your colleagues better. Management 3.0 is a mindset, combined with an ever-changing collection of games, tools, and practices to help any worker to manage the organization. About the presenter: Sandra Wong is the Co-founder of Flowana, a Lean-Agile coaching and training company based out of Miami. As a Senior Agile Program Manager, Certified Agile Coach, Management 3.0 facilitator and Accredited Kanban Trainer, Sandra helps individuals, teams and organizations learn and implement actionable ways in which they can adopt Lean-Agile practices, enable balance and flow within their systems, manage their work, and improve team collaboration and processes through experimentation and evolutionary change. Some of her other passions include facilitating workshops, supporting women's groups, leading group meditations, doing Improv, blogging, volunteering, and challenging herself to learn something new everyday.

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