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Developing conversational apps and Implementing Fingerprint Authentication

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This month, Mir Majeed will be covering how we can use LUIS to develop conversational apps with Xamarin and David Silverlight will be showing how to add the ability for users to login to Xamarin.Forms apps using their Fingerprint.

Developing Conversational Apps with LUIS
Mir Majeed will show us how to develop engaging voice and text-based conversational mobile apps with Xamarin using Microsoft LUIS and Google API.AI. This session will provide a good introduction of Microsoft Luis, Google API.AI and how to use these technologies in your mobile apps.

Adding Fingerprint Authentication to Xamarin.Forms apps
David Silverlight is going to show us how we can add the ability for users to login to our applications using their fingerprint. He will walk us through the process of adding this functionality to both iOS and Android applications as we use TouchID to implement fingerprint authentication in Xamarin.Forms. The various steps for implementation will be covered, including showing how we can test this functionality in each platform’s emulators.

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