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We have set up this non-profit group for *single men and women* over 40 who live in, or are willing to travel to, the BS37/GL12 postcode area i.e. Bradley Stoke, Chipping Sodbury, Thornbury, Frampton Cotterell, Wotton-under-Edge and surrounding villages who want to meet others and socialise without always having to get into the city.
The aim is to create a friendly, informal group for people to meet, make friends and have some fun. Events might include social drinks, meals out, skittles, pub quizzes, walking, cycling, live music, cinema, bowling etc.
Members are encouraged to provide a photo of themselves on their member profile please.
Prospective members *must* have a portrait photo of themselves on their profile page.
All suggestions for events and activities are welcome.
We will be asking for a voluntary donation of approximately £1 per event to help towards the cost of running the group. All monies collected are re-invested into the group.
Unfortunately it has become necessary to include the following statement.
*Sometimes disruptive people join the group intent on pursuing their own agenda; the group works on the basis that people meet-up to be pleasant and co-operate in making the events run by the group a success. Negative un-warranted criticism of individual's, event host's and the way event's and the group is run are out-of-order and will not be tolerated*
*While I'm reluctant to do this, the organiser can remove and ban rogue individuals from the group.*

Walks Or Hikes Organised By The Group [draft]
[This is a generic risk assessment for the group]
This group is about moderate to leisurely paced walks of less than 10 miles in length: there are lot's of alternatives offering hill walking/long distance hikes conducted at a hard pace. 
The following guidelines and advice are for everyones welfare so that we all have a happy day in the countryside.
*There have been a number of recorded incidents where cattle, possibly with calves, have become aggressive when approached by walkers with a dog. Two walkers on separate occasions have been killed by aggressive cattle that have trampled them. Thus walking through fields with cattle/Bulls/bullocks should always be assessed carefully on the day. No dog's on walks where livestock will be encountered.*

The Ramblers Association have issued useful guidance:

Be aware of tick bites while wearing shorts etc between March & November.

*Please do not wear jeans as once wet they do not dry and are unsuitable for walking in.* 

  1. That by signing up for walking/hiking events, you accept that you take part entirely at your own risk. The Event Host is considered to be the Walk Leader. Dog's are only admitted onto walks at the leaders discretion. 
  2. Neither the Group Organiser or the Walk Leader will be held legally or otherwise responsible for any accidents or other mishaps during any walk. 
  3. We venture into the countryside together as a group of supportive friends where one or more have volunteered to lead the group. Please stay together and be aware of who is behind you. Advise your fellow walkers as early as possible if you encounter difficulties during a walk or if you see another walker with problems.
    4] All walkers must be group members & by signing up you acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer & agree to it, thus no plus ones!
    *Walk Leaders are unqualified and unlikely to possess skills in First Aid.*

Guidelines For The Walk Leader
Prior to the walk the leader within a reasonable time frame,  will conduct a recce of the proposed route.
*They will brief the group at the start of the walk regarding the route and significant way points.*
OR the walk will be described as a Recce where the walk leader has chosen a route from the OS Map, but isn't familiar wholly or in part with the route; they will be reasonably confident map readers and will be working from an OS Map in either paper or electronic format.Recce's should include 10 or less walker's.

Walk Leader's should aim to keep the group together so that no one is left behind or gets lost. Be aware of your back marker.
Walking Event Organisers should include a summary of the route/difficulty of terrain/pace or fitness level, in the walk description. Advice on what to bring, kit, food & drink.
Guidelines For Participants
Please dress appropriately for the conditions. This means walking shoes or lightweight boots.
Please follow the reasonable request's of the walk leader and try to keep together, be aware of the back marker and do not lose him or her.

*The following applies to longer more challenging walks/conditions*
Walking trousers, good stout walking boots with ankle support with walking socks. Boot's should be one size larger than your shoe size and worn with thick socks. Please remember to bring drinks/food with you on longer walks. Sometimes its advisable to bring an extra pair of trousers/shoes/ socks if the conditions are likely to be wet & muddy, for you to enter pubs or your car home. 
In winter, wet weather clothing is also advisable, water proof boots & windproof water resistant jacket [Gore Tex isn't windproof and the body soon chills if you're stationary while exposed to the wind] Consider shower proof/water resistant walking trousers from a reputable outdoor clothing store.

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