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Hello! Welcome to the South Hills Young Living Essential Oils Meetup Group. Here you will meet other people interested in alternative health and naturopathic healing via therapeutic grade essential oils.

Young Living Essential Oils are the industry leaders in essential oils. In fact, they are the industry standard oils with massage therapists and in many alternative healing practices. They are the only oils allowed to be used in Raindrop Technique, an emerging therapy. See below for more information. They are also used in hospitals throughout the U.S. They are even used intravenously in the Nova Vita clinic in Ecuador. They are very different than food-grade and perfume-grade essential oils (EOs) sold in many health food stores. Most health food store essential oils and other "knock off" companies are either synthetic, a few molecules are changed, cut with alcohol and other ingredients or are distilled quickly at high temperatures for fast, mass production, hence making the oils more affordably appealing, yet with no healing properties.

Young Living Essential Oils are true therapeutic-grade EOs. In fact, Gary Young coined the term therapeutic-grade for essential oils. They are the purest grade EOs on the market. They are the essence, the blood, the life force, the immune system of the tree, plant, shrub, bush, flower, fruit, seed, etc. Many households are learning how to replace many of their "over-the-counters" as well as prescription medications with therapeutic grade EOs. Children are learning to come to mommy or daddy for their lavender or peppermint oil when they need to be wound down or have a tummy ache! In fact, many pet lovers as well as veterinarian offices are working with the oils as well, with incredible success! Note: you only want to use true therapeutic-grade essential oils on your pets for safety purposes.

Did you know that Young Living Essential Oils are the only oils allowed to be used in Raindrop Technique, a revolutionary way to bring balance and harmony to the body...physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is an emerging therapy in many massage therapist's offices, spas, alternative medicine clinics, etc. Raindrop Technique was created more than a decade ago. The molecules of therapeutic-grade EOs are so small they are the only substance on the planet which may actually cross the blood-brain barrier. You do not have to be a certified Raindrop Therapist to learn the technique or to give it to family and friends. You can also learn Raindrop to help boost your family and friend's immunity, such as during our cold winter months, by giving them Raindrop Technique. An additional note, oils for healing, cleansing and masach (hebrew word for anoint, which means to smear, spread or massage) are mentioned more than 250 times in the bible. There is an answer for everything through nature. Essential oils have been used for healing/medicinal purposes since the beginning of time.

Thank you for spending the time to get to know a little bit about Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils and their incredible benefits!

We are looking forward to "Meetup" with all of you!

To your Health & Well Being,

Sharon Bovalina, Young Living Essential Oils

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