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Part II - Bell Labs - UFO Technology, Facts & Mystery by Joseph Foster
• What we'll do We are pleased to present Part II - of a most extraordinary presentation of the noted Bell Labs Complex in Holmdel NJ - one of the World's Largest Building which is 2 million square feet, was home to 6,000 employees, and contained six wet labs! Part I was presented by Joseph Foster in October and he had so much more material that we've asked him to return for Part II. It has been long whispered that Bell Labs was the home of the some of the most astounding technology seeded from the Roswell Crash Retrieval of 1947. Sample of technology resulting from Bell Labs: was the transistor, the laser, fiber optics, the cell phone, LED lighting and more! We Welcome Back the Return of Joseph Foster who previously provided us detailed UFO Experiences he had while in the US Coast Guard as well as other areas of his life. Joseph has done some very impressive research and has been featured on some noteworthy radio programs and speaking engagements to high review. On our MeetUp Evening Joseph will present a very thorough and thought provoking, photo packed/detailed powerpoint presentation of that mysterious and majestic complex dedicated to scientific and product excellence! As well as some new data and material. Please share this exceptional Meeting Info - bring friends who may be interested, as they will learn so much little known data during Joseph's impressive presentation on Monday, Dec. 17th. Bring a friend, an open mind and lots of questions for this stunning event!

Cinnaminson Branch Library

1619 Riverton Rd · Cinnaminson


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This is a new, free UFO/Metaphysical study group that will be meeting at the Cinnaminson Public Library, 1619 Riverton Rd, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, from 7-8:30 pm (sometimes a bit longer), on the 4th Monday night of each month. Meeting room is located near back entrance to library.

We are providing a forum to discuss, and explore all things paranormal including UFO contactee and/or experiences. We have created this group with the intention of providing an opportunity for learning, understanding, sharing and networking with like-minded individuals.

Some areas of interest are UFO's, ET contact, ghost hunting, telekinesis, remote viewing, spirit communication, channeling, past lives/reincarnation, mysteries of the earth and universe, psychometry, crop circles, time travel, etc. Occasionally we will be Skyping with experts in the various fields of interest for interviews. The purpose of this group is to provide a comfortable and open environment in which all member's ideas, experiences and knowledge are valued and welcomed.

Coffee and snacks will be served. Please come with an open mind!

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