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Animal Communication Demonstration
What do Your Pets Want you to Know? A Demonstration of Animal Communication Investment: $10 per person*** Join us for this fun and interesting morning of conversations with the animals. Attendees will have a chance to ask one question regarding their pet - whether here (photos only please) or crossed over (limited number based on attendance and time for the event). Have you ever wondered: What is an animal communicator? How does it work? Do you speak dog, cat or horse language? Can you talk with a pet whose owner speaks another language? (i.e. Japanese) Why does my cat come when I want her to come inside? But I haven't actually called her? Do our pets pick up our emotions and illnesses? Can our words hurt our pet's feelings? Why do they like some people and not others? Do they have preferences in companions? (People and/or animals) Do the foods we feed our pets really make a difference? What is the difference between an animal trainer/behaviorist and an animal communicator? What is a phone reading? Do I put my dog up on the phone? Frances will be available for private 15-minute mini reading sessions of Animal Communication following the demonstration. Book your appointment with ARF at[masked]. Cost: $30 for 15 minutes ***A portion of the proceeds of the event will go to benefit ARF of Idyllwild. Frances W. Greenspan is an animal artist, former pet groomer and animal communicator who has been actively involved in the world of animals from an early age. As an only child, her dogs and cats were her first playmates. As Frances groomed the animals, her psychic development grew and the animals began to "speak" to her. This began quite innocently when she was talking to a Lhasa Apso (male) and Toy Poodle (female) she was grooming. They were from the same household and it was obvious to Frances that the poodle received most of the attention. She said out loud to the male, "She gets all the attention, doesn't she?" In a Southern drawl, Frances heard in her head the words, "Yep, she's Mom's and I'm Dad's." This startled her, but she continued to finish her grooming of the pair. When Mom and Dad came to pick them up, Mom went for the poodle and Dad had the Lhasa on his lap. Dad said to Frances (in a Southern drawl matching the dog's voice), "We call him 'Mr. Personality", therefore confirming her conversation with the Lhasa. Contact Frances: [masked] or call:[masked]

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This group is open to anyone wanting to learn about animal communication and how to connect with animals at a deeper level. Would you like to learn how animals communicate? The perspective of life from the animals’ point of view? Learn animal communciation basics, understanding your innate abilities, addressing blocks to clear communication. Knowing yourself prior to communication & techniques for clearing the mind and focusing the heart.

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