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95% of all feature films are indie films...

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I started investing in low budget films about 6 years ago. First and foremost, please don't confuse low budget with student film shorts or schlocky garbage. Not every film needs to be done by a Michael Bay for a cost of $100mm. There are amazing filmmakers out there with amazing stories who are just missing the chance and financial guidance to make their film dreams a reality.

Filmmaking is a business just like anything else, and when you approach it as such, it's very possible to mitigate your risks and guarantee that you get your investments back plus your profits. Pre-sales, tax incentives and revenue guarantees have pretty much eliminated most, if not all of the financial risk.

Now don't get me wrong, not every film is 'The Blair Witch Project' which was made for $60,000 and has grossed over $140,000,000 worldwide - but, if we can make a great film for $150,000 and get back $500 - 750,000, thats a business I want to be in (you can do the math).

This group is for both the creatives and investors to come and network and make movie magic...

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