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☆About this group

While there are lots of "International" events in city center of Osaka, the events of this group will be held mainly around Izumi or Sakai city in south part of Osaka. The biggest purpose of this group is that people who is living around these areas can make other both local and international connection throughout various events

☆The impotent points when you join the event.

We will charge you attendance fee for the convenience of organizing this group.(You can see how much on the event page)

And also because the purpose of this group is making connection with various people in south Osaka ,for people who is interested in "flirting" or people who insult other people and make them feel bad ,this is not the right group for you. Thank you for your understanding.

Anyway ,we will welcome all people regardless of nationalities,ages and genders for all the events and looking forward to seeing you all ^^

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