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Dave's hosting an Open Mic at The Old Oak Cellars
If you wish to perform, please RSVP on this Google Doc form: This open mic is promoted on several social media sites. This Google Form RSVP is the only way I can keep track of everyone that wishes to attend. The order that you sign up on the Google Form determines the order of your performance. Thank you for your cooperation on this! If you have a special setup requiring more than plugging a guitar into the PA system, or mic’ing your instrument (pedals, keyboard, electric guitar amp, etc.), please arrive by 7:30 to setup, thanks. We will be performing at the Old Oak Cellars (Suite D) from 7:30 - 9:30 pm. There is a restroom. Bring a potluck SNACK to share (cheese & crackers, etc). Wine tasting for a donation will be available. If you drink wine, please consider supporting the venue by wine tasting and perhaps buying a bottle or case to go. Bring a sweater/jacket as the winery stays a nice cool 65 degrees (there are blankets if you forget).

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We are: "Musicians who want to jam with acoustic instruments, for fun."

The main jam for this group occurs in Sunland, CA. A member can host a jam as long as the locale is within the relative distance between Pasadena, Silverlake, Sunland, but adjacent areas are possible, too. If someone wants to host a jam, they must communicate with the organizer to request an event or jam. The primary purpose of this group is for intimate jams at people's homes. On occasion, other events, such as open mics can be created by permission of the organizer.

Next, we must limit admission to the group only to those who play music or sing. This is a "jam" group, which means that people play music with one another, and the spots for members go fast, as musicians want to play with one another. "Listeners" are great, but cannot take up spots reserved for musicians who want to play- and some members might feel uncomfortable with an "audience". On occasion, some members may arrange performances outside of the regular jams, which would obviously then be open to listeners without limitation as the individual venues provide.

This is a diverse group, open to all types of music and all types of people, so a degree of openness and tolerance for a wide range of diversity is important. That being said, the main music played seems to be "rock"- but not usually hard rock. Folk, original songwriting, and a few other forms of music have been played. We do not ascribe to any specific culture/ religion, and we welcome a very wide range/ expression of music except that which is derrogatory.

The experience/ musicianship in this group varies greatly. There are members who have played all their lives. There are those who are relatively new, but in order to be able for all to play together as per a "jam", an intermediate level of musicianship/ familiarity with playing with other musicians helps the group function as a whole.

We do not charge any fee for this group but ask at least two dollars' donation to help defray costs of running the group. This fee does not cover all costs- it just helps to cut down on them. Workshops, on occasion, or any outside events might necessitate a fee, but for the intended purpose of the group being the "Jam", we only ask a two dollar donation.

It is gracious that we bring something to share at our meetings, such as something to drink or eat. The jams can last for a few hours, so we take a break somewhat mid-way through to socialize and "refuel" or re-tune. A break can last from 15- 20 minutes, usually.

Share the music! It is helpful if members can bring xeroxed copies of songs for others- maybe about 4-6, so that people can share looking at the music. The level of musicianship usually is that there are enough who can pick up playing on songs they don't know. This is what jams are usually about- but for the purpose of sharing lyrics and including more of those who don't have such a musical level, it is certainly helpful to bring sheet music.

This group is a very gifted, sensitive group of which I have been most proud to participate in for years. It is wonderful for those who want a forum that is very low key, low pressure, to work up their courage to play other places in front of people, or to just have a place to practice and feel the joy of playing with others. It is certainly joyful!

Any questions beyond what I have covered here, please do send me a line. Otherwise, join up, and hope to see you at our next jam!


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