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I search for diverse and enjoyable experiences throughout NJ (and sometimes beyond)! Activities vary from heart-pumping adrenaline rushes, physical challenges, peaceful exploring, trying new food and excursions, and spending a night out for entertainment. I'm very open minded and I love meeting new people of all ages and backgrounds, so everyone is welcome here. I don't charge dues.

I'm down for anything, so suggestions for meetups are strongly encouraged. Just message me an idea or thought, and I'll do my best to set up a fun event for you :-) Please try to keep your RSVPs up to date and accurate because sometimes reservations are required. Unless I say otherwise in the description, feel free to bring guests as long as I have a heads up about how many people will be joining. This should go without saying, but everyone is responsible for their own safety while in the group. I do what I can to minimize the risk of danger and choose venues with solid reputations.

Thank you to everyone that has shared experiences with me so far, and I look forward to having fun times with all of you :-)

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Trivia Night at Skylark Diner

Skylark Diner & Lounge

Don’t let the word “diner” fool you; they have a bar, and it’s happy hour from noon until close. I believe it’s $2 off specialty cocktails, $5 glasses of wine, and cheap drafts (as long as you sit in the bar area). We’ll be sitting near the bar anyway because that’s where the trivia is held every Thursday! It starts at 8pm, and there are five rounds of five questions each from various categories. First, second, and third place winners receive prizes (gift cards, wine, etc). The ambience is fun and relaxed, and the food is comforting. Even if you’re not that into trivia, come out for a good time!

UTVing in the Pocono Mountains!

Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours

***Originally I wanted us to snowmobile at this location. Unfortunately, they don’t have any snow right now and it doesn’t seem they will by 2/24. I definitely want to organize a snowmobile meetup this winter, even if it means traveling further or finding a place that makes their own snow, since I know a lot of you are interested. I’m sorry, and I changed the title to not be misleading.*** Pocono Adventure Tours just started renting UTVs (utility terrain vehicle). It’s somewhat like an ATV, except it’s bigger, safer (seatbelts, roll cages, net restraints), and easier to control (seatbelt and foot pedals). They provide a brief training followed by a one-hour guided tour (guide is on his own UTV and we follow) through 8 miles of scenery through the Poconos (we get to stop and admire several views; the vehicles move much faster than 8 miles per hour lol). We will ride through the valley and up mountainsides. I am aiming for the 10:30am slot. Reservations must be made online at poconooutdooradventuretours.com (go to “book a tour” under the UTV description). You have the option of a single ($90), a two-seater ($115), or a four-seater ($195). Prices are per vehicle, not per person. **When making the reservation, keep in mind that “number of participants” is the number of vehicles you are reserving. Since a deposit is required, everyone is responsible for booking their own reservation. Each time slot accommodates 4 singles, 4 doubles, and 1 four-seater only. **** So at max, 16 people can go in the same group. If you’re interested, I recommend discussing with others you’d like to share a UTV with and booking a reservation ASAP. As of today (2/15), no one else has registered for 10:30, but random people and their mom can reserve some of those spots at any time. ****it is best to arrive half an hour early ****wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty ****must have a valid driver’s license to operate the vehicle ****kids under 5 y/o are not permitted

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Tini Tuesday at Stage House Tavern

Stage House Tavern

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