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This meetup group is for women that want to learn how to build wealth and feel confident they are making smart money decisions. The group facilitator is Therese Nicklas, Certified Money Coach (CMC)(R) and Certified Financial Planner(R). The events will provide a safe, non-judgmental place for women to learn to open up about a sensitive topic. No products will be talked about or sold. Most events are free.

Are you concerned about finances but don’t know how to talk about money? If so, this group is for you. Almost half of Americans say that the most difficult topic to discuss with loved ones is their personal financial situation. In fact, surveys show they would rather admit to a lie than talk about money. But what price do you pay for staying quiet?
Attend the group’s interactive events and learn:
• How societal money taboos impact your financial health
• An action plan for breaking money silence in your life
• The power of connecting with like-minded women
• How to transform dry “money stuff” into creative, loving self-care habits
• How to have intimate “Money Dates” with your honey that create a loving bond
instead of tension
• To transform money into an adventure so you can live your dream lifestyle.

Why do women need to talk about money? Why is this so important?
• Talking about money is really important in helping you to feel comfortable with
• And feeling good about money helps you to make better financial decisions.
• Which helps you to bring more money into your life.
• Which helps you to feel even better about money.
• Because your net-worth is connected to your self worth
• And an improved self worth inspires you to ask for and get the compensation
you deserve

Being able to chat about money with friends means that you will pick up hints and tips from them, thus expanding your financial knowledge. Women often realize that they lack knowledge about money, but feel intimidated and scared to seek help, Retirement, budgeting, investing are challenges for women, and this means that many women are woefully unprepared if they find themselves alone. Discussing and learning from friends, could really make a difference to your future, and is a much more positive experience, when done in a judgement-free, relaxed environment.

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