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Christian Self Defense Fellowship
We meet and explore many ideas of self defense and develop new skills and friends along the way. Bring a water bottle and comfortable clothing. We are a welcoming and friendly group gathered together to share fellowship in Christ and better ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Self Defense Class

143rd and Will Cook Rd · Orland Park


What we're about

We are a friendly group that meets around the South Side of Chicago to develop our martial arts skills, the goal being to improve our understanding of practical modern self-defense and spiritual and physical fitness. This class exposes the weaknesses and strengths of other martial arts while helping each other to better ourselves and witness to others. The instructor has over 35 years of martial arts knowledge. The material is extensive and explained in an easy to understand format. We explore the truths of martial arts together. Feel free to join us!

Topics we cover include: western boxing, Chinese boxing, control and submission holds and techniques, pressure point striking, pressure point control tactics, Kenpo, jujitsu, Kali /Escrima stick and knife methods, Krav Maga, knife and gun defense/removals,etc.

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