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When we write, we share a piece our souls. Writing is scary be we expose our thoughts to others even just by putting it in a notebook or word document no one can see. But we know it is there and out of our minds. This isn't about the South Towns anymore. This about exploring who we are as writers. The goal of sharing materials of all forms is the same, but where we meet will be different. It will explore how settings change us even if it is Panera or a library a few times.

Ten years ago I took a series of classes in college as a Freshman where we connected Allen Ginsberg, James Joyce, and the evolution of Jazz. It was the most magical time of my life. I want weirdness. I want to see how we are all connected by sharing science fiction, memoirs, and poetry as examples. The human condition takes many forms and when you come to my writer's group I want to hear it.

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