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This networking group is for those who are serious about being the best at what they do and have a big ambition to become a leader in their field whether that's now or working towards it.

I'm making it a priority in 2018 to help business owners take their success to the next level. I'm ready to help women and men remove the label of 'small' from their business. Whether you're a start-up who's serious about rapid success or a business who is ready to find a tribe of serious business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to business development and growth then this is the group for you. I plan to invite reputable speakers to these events to help you develop your business and learning, plus create a networking space of entrepreneurs who have integrity and are ready to lead with value and relationship building first.

To best describe the kind of business owners I want to attract to these meetups it may be easier to let you know who this group is not for... This networking group is NOT for those whose sole business is secured in MLM. Nor is it for those who aren't serious about making their business a priority. I want this to be a friendly group and I in no way want to alienate those who feel unconfident on any level as a business owner. All I ask is that you have passion for what you do and are serious about making a success on an epic scale. I'm an extremely bubbly, friendly and welcoming host - i'm a serious business owner but I don't bite :-)

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