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Do you want to know more about astrology, or share what you already know, or start learning from zero?? Meet up with like-minded souls for astrological conversations that are always exciting and informative? If you tick any of the above. bring along your birth data - date, place and time (as near as you know it) of birth - and let's start exploring together. As we already intuitively know, we are so much more than the person our upbringing, cultural conditioning and social roles encourage us to be. As we move into the Age of Aquarius (another great discussion topic: Does it exist? When did it start? Is it new-age clap-trap?) the stars support all our efforts to develop our unique/eccentric/progressive/humane/mould-breaking selves and help make our societies more open and free.
Astrology is a perfect tool for this kind of exploration, it is a specialised language that has been developed over thousands of years by philosophers, healers and natural scientists to ask questions about why we are what we are and why life is so complicated, difficult and enjoyable.

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