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Welcome beginners and advanced western astrology enthusiasts. Astrology is a tool to:

• help make important life decisions

• keep personal and business relationships healthy

• understand the growth potential during challenging situations

The astrological birth (natal) chart (complete with all the planets, houses, and signs) is not a fated description of your character, but rather like the back of a seed packet, the conditions necessary for maximum growth. Another way of looking at the chart of planets for your moment of birth (natal chart) is that it is a road map of the journey of your life -- you get to choose how you move through it: take side trips, spend more time and resources on some parts of the journey, free will decisions about how you interact with fellow travelers, etc.

Attendees contribute by sharing insights and experiences related to their astrological chart.

Each of our meetup events starts with a BRIEF lesson on the astrology fundamentals necessary for the topic — over a series of events we will cover character, relationship, and prediction. I teach by applying the principles to attendees’s charts and the charts of significant people in their lives. Each event is a stand alone unit; you did not have to have attended other of our group events to attend one event.To help members prepare for each event, I will meetup message webpages and learning resources materials to study. In the past, only a small group of 2 to 6 members show up for each event, so you will get individual attention.

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Vocational Astrology - What is my calling?

Online event

Participants are encouraged to join the discussion during the event and are asked to prepare for the event by studying the learning resources (files & links) described below. We apply the techniques presented during the event to the participants’ charts rather than just discussing the theory of the technique. It is your choice whether or not to have your chart discussed.

Our Meetup events are designed for participants who already have a basic understanding of how to interpret the planets, houses, and signs; however, if you are a beginner, this event could complement other ways you are learning astrology.

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Welcome, I am Gerald, the Organizer/Host.
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===== Agenda =====

__ Presentation & Discussion of topic 10am - noon __

. Socializing 9:45am - 10am and after noon

____ Event description

Vocation is from the Latin vocare, to call, and in early English this referred to a spiritual calling. In modern terminology we can conceive of vocation as the calling to one's authentic role in the world. As an aspect of the individuation process, our vocational path is not predetermined but forged through the interrelationship of our inner self with the outer world over time. Carl Jung suggested it was vocation, which induced an individual to follow his own soul and become conscious. He suggested vocation was “an irrational factor that destines a man to emancipate himself from the herd and from its well-worn paths. True personality is always a vocation”. To follow the voice which summons one on their authentic path demands that the individual be spirited enough to forge their own way in the world. As Jung reminds us, “Creative life always stands outside convention. Vocation demands we risk being unique.”

To prepare for the event, study your Vocational Interpretation Report file — “Your Name vocation report” — in the Charts folder online in my dropbox mentioned below. During the event, participants are welcome to discuss what was helpful in the Report, what did not seem to apply, and make comments and ask questions.

____ Transits for the day of the event

Moon-void-of-course 26Pis19 => Ari, 8:38 AM - 3:44 PM PST Saturday 13 March, the time of our Meetup Event. I wonder what unexpected results from our actions will happen.

Mercury will be direct 27Aqu10 and as of the day before 12 March will have left the shadow period of the recent Mercury retrograde. Clear communications?

_____ STUDY the learning resources (files & links) listed below to prepare for this event:

Participant Charts and learning resources (files) are online in my dropbox at:

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