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Welcome beginners and advanced western astrology enthusiasts. Astrology is a tool to help make important life decisions and keep personal and business relationships healthy. The astrological birth (natal) chart (complete with all the planets, houses, and signs) is not a fated description of your character, but rather like the back of a seed packet, the conditions necessary for maximum growth. Another way of looking at the chart of planets for your moment of birth (natal chart) is that it is a road map of the journey of your life -- you get to choose how you move through it: take side trips, spend more time and resources on some parts of the journey, free will decisions about how you interact with fellow travelers, etc.

Attendees contribute by sharing insights and experiences related to their astrological chart.

Each of our meetup events starts with a BRIEF lesson on the astrology fundamentals necessary for the topic — over a series of events we will cover character, relationship, and prediction. I teach by applying the principles to attendees’s charts and the charts of significant people in their lives. Each event is a stand alone unit; you did not have to have attended other of our group events to attend one event.To help members prepare for each event, I will meetup message webpages and learning resources materials to study. In the past, only a small group of 2 to 6 members show up for each event, so you will get individual attention.

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Transits — What’s up!?

Tribu Cafe

____ About our “Transits — What’s up!?” Meetup Event_____ We start promptly at 10am Saturday 26 October 2019. Arrive 9:45am to be sure you get a seat around the table for 8. Please register (Click check button next to “Are you going?”) a few days before the event, so Gerald, the organizer, has time to create your personalized learning resources. Cost: Free.To thank Tribu Cafe for hosting us, please buy a beverage and snack. My intention for event attendees is to stimulate their interest in the astrological concepts of the event so they would further explore the topics presented on their own after the event. I present enough theory for attendees to apply the techniques during the event to their own charts to see the astrological concept in action. _____ Optional Homework to prepare for the event _____ Everyone is welcome to attend our events,. If you wish to get maximum learning value from this meetup and future meetups, I recommend that you buy these 2 books because Gerald, will be assigning pages to be studied for homework to prepare for astrology meetups events: +. “The Changing Sky” by Steven Forrest (second edition) +. “The Inner Sky” by Steven Forrest (2012 Edition) The books are available as used and in electronic form (kindle on Amazon and Nook on Barnes and Noble) for $10 each or less. _____ Introduction _____ This event will focus on interpreting transiting planets for a certain time period as they aspect the natal chart. A metaphor to help understand the function of these transits in astrology is to think of the building of a house. The natal birth chart is the blueprint. The secondary progressions are the schedule (when is foundation to be poured, when is plumbing to be put in, etc.). The house building schedule and blueprint are impacted by events, “transits”, (weather conditions, strikes by construction workers, cost of materials different than planned for, conditions for permits, etc.). Transits effect the native through events that could be on a spiritual level, a psychological and emotional level, and/or a concrete real world level. Transits are neither good nor bad. On a cosmic level they are as in Ecclesiastes 3: “to everything there is a season”. For our individual ego, our family and culture values, of course we see some transits as good and others as bad. Here in California we live in a “Have a great rest of your day” society. Many Californians believe that if you have enough money and therapy even “bad” situations can be turned around to be good learning opportunities. _____ Topics Covered in this Event _____ How to determine planets positions (transits) from an ephemeris (table of planet positions). And, also determine when a transit of a planet conjuncts(same degree) as a natal planet. The Learning resources include instructions how to read an ephemeris and links to the ephemerides. You do not need to buy an ephemeris book. Principle, purpose, and/or intent of a transit when it conjuncts a natal planet. Aspects (aspects are the angular relationship between two planets) other than the conjunction are important, but to keep the discussion manageable for our two (2) hour meetup event, we will focus mainly on conjunctions. We will look in some depth at the major aspects formed by transiting Uranus and Mercury to natal chart of the attendees who have done the optional homework. The discussion will start off with how the attendee experienced the transit. The learning resources will supplement the BRIEF introduction at the beginning of the event about the astrological concepts necessary to understand the discussion. If Gerald, the organizer, does not have your birth-data and you want your chart and other personal learning resources for the event, please meetup message him with your birth data (mm/dd/yyyy, city, time). You will receive a biwheel chart of your natal chart with the planets for 26 October 2019, the event, in the outer wheel.

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