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Pecha Kucha - lightning talks 2
It's presentation time again! An evening of enlightening talks by our members. This is a community focused event – anyone can get involved: please bring you slides on a USB or on a website, or come chill and listen. Rules: - Bring 20 slides - Each speaker has 20 seconds per slide - Slides auto progress - Everyone has 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total - Speak on any subject! (your new projects, business idea, manifesto, experience and insight, visions for the future, ramble). - (Please supply slides as images) Had a really interesting mix of talks in our first session, so looking for a nice diversity of talks this time. Get in contact if you would be interested in speaking. ------ Being hosted at Framework coworking space, Bristol ------


Framework 35 King Street · Bristol

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    What we're about

    South West Futurists is a place of collision, a series of monthly talks and discussion across a spectrum of topics that will influence our collective future. It’s an event where we critique ideas and routes to our possible future through the lens of philosophy, creativity, and technology.

    Talk themes will be diverse. For example: aging populations, overpopulation, Machine Ethics, smart cities, global warming, nanotech, genetics, bionics, robotics, future energy crisis, future of work, singularity, ethical design, hacking, the South West and a non-London centric economy.

    The idea of South West Futurists is that we have the power today to steer and influence the direction we take tomorrow. South West Futurists welcomes the inquiring minds, the critical thinkers, the doers and the dreamers, no matter what your background, skills, or job might be.

    Each event will consist of mingling time before scheduled short lectures, Q&A, and continued discussion at a local pub venue. Each event’s venue will change and maybe free or changed depending on venues and lecturers.

    If you have a venue and would like to host SWFuturists please get in contact. If you have a subject you would like us to discuss or you would like to give please let us know.

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    £50 Buy us pizza - Sponsor a single event helping buy freshments for our community. x1 per event

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