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#12 South West Test

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We're back!!

OVO Energy have been amazing and offered their office as the location for our next event!! Without awesome folks like OVO, we simply wouldn't have a meet up and I absolutely jumped at the chance at their offer to host.

Neil Studd has thankfully agreed to come all the way down from Cambridge to share a talk with us all, he's a very popular person within the wider test community and has also given multiple talks both in the UK and overseas. He's the host of not 1 but 2 testing themed podcasts (Screen Testing and Testers' Island Discs) which are awesome and worth checking out!! More details about Neil's talk can be found in the event Agenda below.

As well as this main talk, we will again have a couple of shorter lightning talks for you. Our first short talk is by Elizabeth Fiennes from the awesome Scott Logic...We like them a lot :) and her talk is titled "Being a trusted adviser for testers".

Our second short talk is yet to be confirmed but we will update the page with the details soon.


Meet up Agenda:

18:30 - Arrive at the OVO Energy office.

19:00 - Quick Intro

19:05 - Lightning Talks
- "Being a trusted adviser for testers" by Elizabeth Fiennes (

19:45 - Main Talk:
- "A Modern Tester's Survival Handbook" by Neil Studd (

Since the early days of computing, testers have always had to accept that they're going to be placed into "shoot the messenger" scenarios. They are often forced into positions of conflict, be it when reporting bad news to management, debugging issues with developers, or standing ground on whether a feature is fit for release. With teams looking to ship more frequently, "crunch time" can now be at least a weekly occurrence - which can lead to stress, frustration and burnout.

Bringing some influences from his Testers' Island Discs podcast, Neil will take you on a musical tour of the current software testing landscape, examining the mental, emotional and professional resilience that is required in order to flourish in the industry today, sharing tips on how we can spot when this resilience is under threat, and discussing the duty of care that employers have to protect their teams.

Neil has been a tester in the UK for nearly 15 years, with experience of working with both large enterprise organisations (such as Oracle) and more agile delivery teams (e.g. Compare The Market, and Zoopla). He spends much of his time coaching organisations about the importance of bug advocacy and developing technical skills within testers. He hosts two testing-themed podcasts (Screen Testing and Testers' Island Discs) and can often be found making guest appearances on other peoples' shows. When he's not working, he's a long-suffering Ipswich Town supporter and a regular gig-goer. You can find him on Twitter @neilstudd (


The event is open to all:

Although this is billed as a "Test" meet up it's not just for Testers, it's open to anyone who wants to come along to hear some amazing talks and interact with some lovely like minded people. Please do share the meet up details with your friends, work mates or anyone who you think would love to attend.

I will endeavour to keep you all informed of all the details of the event but if you do have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

We also have a meet up Twitter account ( so please do follow us if you use that platform and drop us a message if you need to get in touch.
OVO Energy
1 Rivergate, Temple Quay · City of Bristol
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