Ask Me Anything Session w/ Fred Destin of


OK people, this week you're being spoilt! We're thrilled to have Fred Destin join us for a casual "Ask Me Anything" session at TMRW.

Come and join us, meet other entrepreneurs and discuss the what/how/who of funding, growing and selling a massively successful startup.

Fred knows a thing or two about turning startups into multi-billion superstars, the pitfalls and mistakes made along the way, and how to navigate the treacherous path to exit; he was the lead investor and board member at Deliveroo, Zoopla, Pillpack (acquired by AMZN last month, in case you missed the news! :) ), Carwow, and was an active investor with Secret Escapes, Integral Ad Science, TheCurrencyCloud, Kinvey, Lagoa (acq. Autodesk) Dailymotion (acqu. Orange), PriceMinister (acqu. Rakuten) and others.

His new fund is STRIDE.VC, a seed stage fund focused on disruptive startups, which he started with Harry Stebbings, the founder of Twenty Minute VC, the world's largest Venture Capital audio blog.

Food & drink provided :)