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Cashflow Networking Mastermind Meetup

For this Meetup Group, think Entertainment, Education, Networking, and Mastermind all wrapped into one great evening. We will be offering few concepts that can be appreciated individually or for those really interested in getting ahead, can take advantage of the entire package. The evening would start out for those interested in attending a Mastermind group, I would initially introduce how to effectively setup and benefit from a Mastermind Group and the values of using one. This would take approximately 1 hour.

Then, we would have a speaker for each monthly event that would introduce a number of different topics (a list of committed ideas are below) for about 60 minutes. These presentations are intended to be educational, tactical information that you walk away from and implement into your life or business immediately, not a “pitch-fest” to sell something.

After the speaker finishes up the group would break shortly and for those interested we would begin to setup and play the game Cashflow (created by Robert Kiyosaki the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”). The entire evening would be informational, entertaining, and should present you with a number of networking as well as friendship making opportunities. As well as a FREE event for the attendees.

Suggested Topics, but not limited to: Real Estate advice and consulting, investing information, Personal Development and Personal Growth coaching by a Certified Trainer from the Canfield Organization. Concepts and Principles from Cashflow and "Rich Dad Poor Dad", Business Consulting, Career Up-leveling, Personal Coaching, Money Management, Financial and Tax advice, etc.

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Cash Flow Meetup

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