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What we’re about

THIS MEETUP is focused on group events from Orlando to Miami and the east and west coasts.

With ANY of these posted events you can network with others and find carpools and other Goddess friends to share a hotel or trip to a belly dance event!

So don't be shy! Share with US the belly dance events in YOUR area so we can attend them too--rather than searching on different MEETUPS for a event!  Please note that events can only be posted if they are submitted within a reasonable amount of time prior to the event.  Events must be submitted through the meetup website, using the "schedule a new a meetup event feature".  This feature prompts you for all necessary information and will post the information, contacting event organizer directly by phone or email is not necessary.  

Share the knowledge! Knowledge IS power! and the more classes and events we go to, the HAPPIER we are!

Peace, Love & Shimmies, my fellow Gods & Goddesses!

Kira Kismet

(Organizer for SFBD MeetUp)