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Habitat for Humanity Build day-Paint interior in WPB
Let's do it again! Always a fun and rewarding time. Our annual Coconut 5K partners, Habitat for Humanity of PBC can use our support. Please follow instructions below. Thanks! Please have everyone Click here to register as a volunteer and join the group Coconut Run 5K. If you are a “returning volunteer” please click here to reset your password, update your profile and join the group Coconut Run 5K. Then look on the construction calendar and sign up for your build date. Eligibility: Volunteers 18 years and older can work on all aspects of construction. Minors, 16 and 17 years old can work on construction except for getting on a ladder, roofing, and use of power tools. Minors under 16 can assist with painting and landscaping as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Checking In: Volunteers should arrive at 8:00am for check-in and a safety orientation. Be sure to sign in and out to log your hours. (This helps us with funding) Skills: Construction volunteers are not required to have any building skills. However, it is very helpful to know what skills each volunteer possesses. For this reason, we ask that all skilled volunteers (those with prior building experience) inform the construction supervisor when arriving on site. Volunteers should be prepared to work on any aspect of housing construction including (but not limited to) framing, roofing, painting, landscaping, flooring, loading and unloading materials and cleaning up. Food/Water: Water will be provided onsite for your group members, you are welcome to bring lunch or have it delivered. What to Wear: Each volunteer must wear closed toe shoes with a thick sole (ex: sneakers/work boots). Regardless of what task you will be doing, proper working attire will help make your day more comfortable. South Florida is typically hot and humid so dress accordingly. What to Bring: Please bring: work gloves (if you have them) and sunscreen. Restrooms: There is always a portable toilet available on site. Parking: Please carpool when possible as parking is limited, and be respectful of the neighbor’s properties. Personal Valuables: Habitat accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items. We recommend that you not bring items with high monetary or sentimental value; that you remove all valuable items in your car from view, and that you put your name on any items you do bring. Safety and Risk: Habitat PBC takes safety very seriously. Our construction supervisors are experienced, well trained specialists. For safety sake, we expect volunteers to follow instructions and cautions from the supervisors. Illness or Injury: There is always a First Aid Kit available on site for any worker who becomes ill or injured. You will be welcome to rejoin your work team after you recover and can again participate fully. Communication and Supervision: Your volunteer crew will be supervised by members of our full-time construction staff. Once the crew is working, the Habitat PBC construction staff rotates throughout the project under construction to provide technical assistance and additional direction where needed. Weather: If it is raining we still build, as you know the weather in S. Florida changes every hour. If there are hurricane or thunderstorm warnings then we don’t build.

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