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What we’re about

HIKE - "To walk a long way usually for pleasure, especially in the country"
Our hikes are typically 8 - 10 miles (12.8 - 16 km), sometimes shorter or longer.

  • Local hikes in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas
  • Day hikes elsewhere in South-East England
  • Hiking weekends away in England and Wales

If you would like to explore the countryside of England and Wales on foot, you are welcome to join us.
Καλώς Όρισες
Plus many other languages, too numerous to list.

To join one of our events:

  • Log in to Meetup if you already have a Meetup login. If not, please see below.
  • Join the South Herts Hikers Meetup Group by clicking the 'Join Us' button above. This gives you immediate free trial membership of our group and you can attend our events.
  • Select an event and click 'Attend'. You should receive an email confirming your place. If the event is already full you will be put onto a waiting list.

If you don't have a Meetup login yet, you can create one easily using the login details of an existing Facebook or Google login or you can create a separate Meetup login.

To cover the costs of running this Meetup Group and other associated costs, we suggest a voluntary annual membership donation of £1 (50p if you join July onwards) at your first event of each year plus a voluntary donation of £2 for each hike for every participant. Cash is preferred or you can use Paypal

Membership is open to anyone aged 18 or more who has an interest in hiking, regardless of gender, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs, provided they fulfil the following criteria:

  • Being friendly towards all other Group members, treating other members with respect and as equals.
  • Avoiding any conduct likely to discourage any other member from participating in future Group events or from organising future group events. In particular, this group is a “Grump Free Zone” especially on Group weekends away!

These aren't rules but advice for a friendly group

  1. The walk leader sets the pace suitable for the slowest member, as long as we can complete the walk in a reasonable time. It is not a race to finish first nor a training event nor a non-stop work-out. We stop from time to time to regroup (for example after going through a gate), to have a rest, a drink or a snack, admire the view or take photos, etc. You may need extra clothing to put on for stops in colder weather.
  2. We have members of different ages and genders and we like everyone to relate to each other on an equal basis.
  3. We have members from different nationalities and cultures. We like to make everyone welcome and we don't quiz anyone about their background or country of origin, they can tell us if they like but this is optional.
  4. Conversations on a group walk or other event can often be overheard by others so we avoid discussing anything that is out of place in a friendly social group. This would include avoiding heated debates or any discussions about controversial or unpleasant subjects that others may not wish to hear about, including religion, UK politics or politics of any other country.

Most of our routes are on public footpaths in the countryside. Some of these may be slippery, muddy or stony in places. You need adequate footwear, preferably hiking boots, with thick soles and good grip. You need a waterproof jacket in case it rains and in cold weather, you also need a warm outdoor jacket and an extra layer to put on for outdoor stops.

We have some info pages on what to take for day hikes and weekends away. Please see the Hiking Info page on our web site for further details.

You can find a photo album for each past event on this Meetup Group.

We are affiliated to The Ramblers
Hertfordshire & North Middlesex Area

Please see the FAQ page on our web site or click the Organizers link on Meetup to contact the organizers via Meetup messaging.

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