Past Meetup

European Union: Coming to America via Free Trade (Cherry Hill)



(This presentation is being hosted by the Cherry Hill Tea Party)

On July 8th, President Obama beg1n negotiating a monster “free-trade” agreement, the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP). What is the TTIP, why is it dangerous and how will it affect all of us?

What took power-seeking Globalists 50 years to form a Regional Government through a series of “trade” agreements [starting in 1951 with the European Coal & Steel Community], now known as the European UNION, is well underway in North America.

In this presentation, Europeans are warning us "don't do it!" You will learn about the plan to regionalize countries around the world before joining all regions together to form World Government. This would mean the United States would lose its sovereignty and become a State in the World Government, while still giving the illusion to U.S. citizens that they have control of their country.

NAFTA, sold to U.S. voters as a “trade” agreement, was clarified by Former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger when he said the NAFTA agreement was “the architecture of a new international system.” He also labeled NAFTA as “the most creative step toward a New World Order since the end of the Cold War.”

Following NAFTA, President Clinton signed GATT (The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) which became the WTO (World Trade Organization). This was soon followed by GATS (General Agreement on Trades in Service), under President George W. Bush, then CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) and the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas).

In 2005, Mr. Bush signed the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) ( and was pushing for a North American Union prior to leaving office. This agenda is now being promoted by our current president, Barack Obama (

In order to better understand what is happening to the United States, we can examine the history of the European Union. As Europeans have found, these are not just “trade” agreements but are being used to destroy our independence. Their true intentions are revealed by Ambassador Richard Gardner (CFR/Rhodes Scholar) in his article “The Hard Road to World Order (” in Foreign Affairs magazine describing:

“an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.” -1974


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