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Outside the courts are public and always free to play

Come play Pickleball on 6 beautiful brand new Pickleball courts outdoors or on up to 8 indoor courts at Moorestown Tennis Club in cold weather for $10 a session. Read the description on the Meetup you rsvp to attend. 
This particular meetup is open to all levels. With several levels possibly present foursomes will be arranged by mutual agreement. Winners stay and split, losers sit, for the first game. After that all play 2 consecutive games.  We will do 3 hours blocks for meetups. You do not have to be present at the exact start time. Please use the comment section to let others know important information. Check the Meetup and weather before you come. If it is raining or very wet please use your judgement. Wet courts get slippery. I may not always be available to cancel the Meetup. Others usually comment. 
We list 3 or more locations. Beginners should start off at the Pennsauken location where there is an instructor. There are also weekly classes available through Cherry Hill Recreation. Those who know how to play are invited to sign up for 6 courts at DeCou in Cherry Hill or on weekends at 6 courts in Hainesport. These are all public courts and we may not be the only ones using the courts, but we’ve found using the Meetup app is the best way to avoid overcrowding. You can signup 1 week in advance. 
Respect the RSVP and the players. If you signed up, you are expected. If you can't come please be sure to change your RSVP. It only takes a second and will allow a wait listed person to play. If you want to skip a game just pass and wait. Foursomes are by mutual agreement. Advanced players can start with court #6 and the least advanced please start on court #1. Games are best and the most fun when all four are of similar skill. 
The meetup is on public courts and always free to attend. Pickleball is played on a court like tennis but much smaller with a perforated ball and a paddle similar to ping pong. Games are usually played with a partner although singles can be played as well. The serve is underhand, a bounce on each side is required before you can volley. There is a 7' no volley zone in front of the net and games are played to 11 points win by two. Pickleball is game for everyone. Games can be competitive or social. Our groups will be divided that way and also by skill levels. A water bottle and folding chair are recommended for all locations. Paddles and balls can be provided to use. The meetup is free. Paddles can be provided to use and are also for sale at a discount to our meetup members. Both Paddletek and Selkirk brand paddles are available.
For more information on Pickleball visit where you can find the rules, and more under the training and court info tab. There are also many good videos on YouTube. Pickleball doubles strategy 101 is an excellent video to teach the game.
Join us to have FUN. You will get exercise, laugh, make new friends, and come back for more and more.
WARNING: Pickleball is addictive

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