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Come play Pickleball on 6 beautiful brand new Pickleball courts outdoors or on up to 8 indoor courts at Moorestown Tennis Club in cold weather for $10 a session. Read the description on the Meetup you rsvp to attend.

This particular meetup is open to all levels. With several levels possibly present foursomes will be arranged by mutual agreement. Winners stay and split, losers sit, for the first game. After that all play 2 consecutive games. We will do 3 hours blocks for meetups. You do not have to be present at the exact start time. Please use the comment section to let others know important information. Check the Meetup and weather before you come. If it is raining or very wet please use your judgement. Wet courts get slippery. I may not always be available to cancel the Meetup. Others usually comment.

We list 3 or more locations. Beginners should start off at the Pennsauken location where there is an instructor. There are also weekly classes available through Cherry Hill Recreation. Those who know how to play are invited to sign up for 6 courts at DeCou in Cherry Hill or on weekends at 6 courts in Hainesport. These are all public courts and we may not be the only ones using the courts, but we’ve found using the Meetup app is the best way to avoid overcrowding. You can signup 1 week in advance.

Respect the RSVP and the players. If you signed up, you are expected. If you can't come please be sure to change your RSVP. It only takes a second and will allow a wait listed person to play. If you want to skip a game just pass and wait. Foursomes are by mutual agreement. Advanced players can start with court #6 and the least advanced please start on court #1. Games are best and the most fun when all four are of similar skill.

The meetup is on public courts and always free to attend. Pickleball is played on a court like tennis but much smaller with a perforated ball and a paddle similar to ping pong. Games are usually played with a partner although singles can be played as well. The serve is underhand, a bounce on each side is required before you can volley. There is a 7' no volley zone in front of the net and games are played to 11 points win by two. Pickleball is game for everyone. Games can be competitive or social. Our groups will be divided that way and also by skill levels. A water bottle and folding chair are recommended for all locations. Paddles and balls can be provided to use. The meetup is free. Paddles can be provided to use and are also for sale at a discount to our meetup members. Both Paddletek and Selkirk brand paddles are available.

For more information on Pickleball visit usapa.org where you can find the rules, and more under the training and court info tab. There are also many good videos on YouTube. Pickleball doubles strategy 101 is an excellent video to teach the game.

Join us to have FUN. You will get exercise, laugh, make new friends, and come back for more and more.

WARNING: Pickleball is addictive

Upcoming events (4+)

10 Drills in 90 Minutes then Play! (For Skill Ratings 2.5 to 5.0)

Hainesport Municipal Court

Unlike other PB events, these have no players waiting on the sidelines, so please be kind to the waitlisted and take yourself off of both 'going' and 'waitlist' lists as soon as you know you can't attend.

These are NOT lessons! These are practice sessions for advanced 5.0 down to a level of at least advanced beginner with good physical stamina. Beginner lessons found elsewhere. No instructor at these. These are designed to run themselves. All that’s needed is for an attendee to keep drills as close to on schedule as possible and call out when to move on to the next drill in the routine. On the webpage linked below are detailed descriptions of each drill and links to videos of top instructors teaching technique and how to perform each drill or a similar drill. For widescreen viewing of videos, copy and paste link into your preferred browser.

Try to arrive on time and remain for at least the 90-minute routine. Pair up with someone at a similar level. Balls not provided. To cut down on ball retrieval time, best to have extra balls and pockets to hold them. After drills, at least 1 court stays open for 30 minutes for those who wish to spend more time on drills. Because of limited courts available, drills will be done on half-court with two pairs of partners sharing one court. Rotating partners after each set is encouraged but not enforced.

Set 1
1)Cross-Court Dinking (10 min)
Partners dink diagonally for 5 min on full-court followed by 5 min diagonally in the other direction. Sharing court with another pair, one pair starts on even side of court, other pair on odd side, then switch.

2)Figure-8 Dinking (10 min)
Partners face each other on half-court. Player A always dinks directly across net. Player B always dinks diagonally across net. Switch roles after 5 min.

Rest (4 min)
On Court for Set 2 (1 min)

Set 2
3)Drop Shots (15 min)
Partners start at kitchen lines. ‘A’ practices drop shots into ‘B’s kitchen taking one step backward per shot until reaching baseline, then one step forward per shot until reaching kitchen again. ‘B’ aims to place shots 3-5 ft. in front of Player ‘A’s feet after each step. Switch roles when drop player returns to kitchen. Option: For last 5 min, player at kitchen can attack any drop shot hit too far or bouncing too high, forcing drop player to reset hard incoming balls.

4)Lob and Retrieve (5 min)
‘A’ dinks, ‘B’ dinks, ‘A’ dinks, ‘B’ lobs over head of ‘A’, ‘A’ TURNS(!) and runs to retrieve lob by hitting drop shot over net into ‘B’s kitchen. Alternate.

Rest (4 min)
On Court for Set 3 (1 min)

Set 3
5)Volley Rally (5 min)
Partners at kitchen lines. Volley back and forth, starting at slow speed and speeding up to as fast as possible while still maintaining the rally.

6)Dink, Attack, Reset (5 min)
Partners dink back and forth on alert for an attackable ball. When either player sees one high enough, that player hits a speed-up attack. The receiving player has two choices: dodge the ball if it appears it will go out, or neutralize its pace with a resetting block to softly drop it back over the net to continue the dinking.

7)Drives and Deep Volleys (10 min)
‘A’ is near baseline, ‘B’ is at kitchen line. ‘A’ hits forehand and backhand drives. ‘B’ returns drives with volleys hit as hard and deep as possible. Switch roles about every minute.

8)Forward Advancing Point (5 min)
‘B’ at kitchen line feeds ball to ‘A’ at baseline. ‘A’ tries to advance to kitchen line with drops and/or drives. ‘B’ tries to keep ‘A’ back. Play out point. Switch roles after each point as long as at least 3 shots were hit by advancing player.

Rest (4 min)
On Court for Set 4 (1 min)

Set 4
9)Serves/Returns (5 min)
‘A’ hits 4 serves, ‘B’ hits 3 returns then catches 4th serve to switch roles. Alternate.

10)Overheads (5 min)
‘B’ feeds lobs to ‘A’ who hits 4 overhead smashes. Alternate.


DeCou Evening Pickleball

DeCou Pickleball Courts

We will start off with open meetups but try to keep play within levels. With 6 courts we will ask the most advanced to play on the first court moving down to least experienced on the last. Let’s see how that goes. Courts are always free to play. See the host. First game winners stay after that everyone plays 2 games in a row. There is no instruction. Classes are available through Cherry Hill Township or at the Pennsauken location. There is an overlap with the 4:00 Meetup. No Tuesday evening due to township class starting in late May.


Location visible to members

Please back your car into parking areas. If there are no more spaces available there is parking on River Road.
Meetup is for skill rating 3.0-3.5+ and NOT for beginner/adv. beginner players. Attendees are under no obligation to play below their skill level. BEFORE YOU RSVP, click on this link to assess your level and try to be objective when rating yourself. https://usapickleball.org/tournaments/tournament-player-ratings/player-skill-rating-definitions/
ONE PADDLE LINEUP FOR ALL 6 COURTS. To play, your paddle has to be placed in the queue which determines order of play. During regular play on courts, the first game winners stay and split, and after that everyone plays two games. We are here to have fun. When there are less than 28 playing, a court may be temporarily “closed” in order to mix up the players.
CHALLENGE COURT opens at 6:30. Up to that time the court is used for regular play. If there is a game in progress, challenge court will begin after the game is over. Winners have the option to challenge. Any disagreement with line calls, shenanigans, drama, etc. could result in disqualification. The host may change the time or cancel challenge court at their discretion.

Jeff Young Memorial Park

Jeff Young Memorial Park-Recce

Beginner and Advanced Beginner. These are outdoor courts. We are here to have fun and play pickleball. During the pandemic crisis, all players are advised to play at their own risk. It is also advised that everyone should have and wear a mask in order to adhere to social distancing recommendations. No guests until further notice.
Please bring a beverage, chair, pickleballs, and paddle.
A yearly contribution of 10 dollars to South Jersey Pickleball is appreciated and is applicable for all meetups offered under The South Jersey Pickleball venues. Contributions can be given to Cookie Sey or Denise Donald.

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Open Pickleball at DeCou

DeCou Pickleball Courts

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