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What we’re about

Meet friendly Chihuahuas and Chihuahua Parents near you at Chicagoland's longest running Chihuahua meetup group! Now also in Florida!


This group is for Chihuahua lovers who want to socialize their Chihuahuas for play, for fun and learn more about keeping them healthy, trained and well cared for.  All Chihuahuas are welcome!
We play, we learn, discuss behavioral issues, socialization, training, nutrition and also help with animal rescue efforts. We gladly assist and support doggies in need of rescue and/or adoption.


We meet twice a month in the summer and at least once a month in the winter. Sometimes more if there are special events we can participate in. Events and meets are held locally. Exceptions are to special volunteer events or other dog-friendly outings.
Please note that this group is strictly for Chihuahua socialization, learning and dog assistance efforts -- not for dog sales or breeding purposes--please do not use our site to try to breed, mate or sell your dogs.  
This group is for Chihuahuas  and Chihuahua-mixes only.  Please do not join if your dog is not a Chihuahua or try to pass your dog off as a Chihuahua.  If your dog is not a Chihuahua but you need help finding a dog group, you are welcome to contact us so we can help you find play group for your dog - we're always happy to help. 
You must join the group to participate in our events.  South Suburban Chihuahua is a  self-supported, non-profit organization.