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Lasst uns zusammenkommen, um Englisch und Deutsch zu sprechen.
Ziel ist es, ein 1 zu 1 Gespräch mit jemandem zu führen, der die von dir zu erlernende Sprache bereits spricht. Diese Person wird idealerweise ein(e) englische Muttersprachlerin / Muttersprachler sein.
Alle Sprachniveaus sind willkommen, obwohl es für Dich einfacher sein wird, wenn Du kein absoluter Anfänger bist.
Let’s get together to speak English and German.
The aim is to have a 1 to 1 conversation with someone who already speaks the language you are learning. This person will ideally be a native German speaker.
All language levels are welcome although you may find it easier if you are not an absolute beginner.

Der Ablauf ist wie folgt:

- Wir sprechen zu zweit auf Englisch für 10 Minuten.

- Wir sprechen zu zweit für 10 Minuten auf Deutsch.

- Wir wechseln die Partner und wiederholen das Ganze.

The mechanics are as follows:

- We speak in pairs in English for 10 minutes.

- We speak in pairs in German for 10 minutes.

- We change partners and do it again!

There will be a £3 charge to attend each Sprachaustausch. This will be given to the Art House Café as a donation by way of a thankyou for the use of the room. (The Art House Café is run as a not-for-profit organisation).

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Let's have a get-together online as, sadly, we can’t meet in person. We will use Zoom with ‘breakout rooms’ so we can speak in pairs just like we have done before when we could meet in person. It will work like this: • We will meet initially all-together on Zoom in the ‘main room’ and then I will allocate members in pairs (and maybe a three) to individual 'breakout rooms'. • If we have native English and native German speakers present we will of course split the time between German and English. Failing that, let's speak only German in the breakout rooms. • In our pairs we will chat for about 30 minutes and then return to the main room. I will then allocate new pairs. The aim will be to have two 30 minute chats. And maybe an extra one if people are feeling energetic! I have scheduled the meeting for 90 minutes to take into account time for a quick intro, for any questions and for me to allocate people to the breakout rooms. How does that sound? There is a small charge which will be used to cover the costs of Meetup and an upgraded Zoom account - the free version only gives us 40 minutes. Come prepared with your favourite topic and we will be all systems go! Bis bald! Daphne

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