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Buy Fresh Buy Local: The Case for Being a Locavore
Join Greentown Los Altos for a spirited discussion on the importance of getting our food as close to home as possible. Leading this talk will be Peter Ruddock, a local food policy expert, along with our guests Rosalind Creasy, Los Altos resident and internationally known expert and author on edible landscapes, and Laura Stec, a chef, educator and author, specializing in events and products for healthy people and the planet. Thursday, November 29 at the Los Altos Library Doors Open at 6:30 PM Please get your free tickets at:

Los Altos Public Library

13 S San Antonio Rd · Los Altos, CA

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The purpose of this meetup is to bring together people interested in the principles of Permaculture Design: Care of the Earth, Care of People, Share the Surplus... Meetups will offer easily accessible ideas and information to those interested in working with nature to improve their quality of life.

Permaculture is a holistic, “big-picture” approach to design which can apply to almost any field. Imagine a world where plants and living systems do most of the work instead of machines and production lines. Industrial technology is arguably reaching its limit, while nature's design potential has yet to be explored. Permaculture is about creating enduring design systems that mimic the simplicity and sophistication of nature - and of course community - the most resilient design system of all!

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