What we're about

For those of you that have undergone or are longing for an "ecological conversion" - feeling intimately united with all that exists - welcome to this community. The community is about living the underlying ethos of Permaculture and applying the principles of Permaculture design and techniques to developing resilient, regenerative processes for food production, resource sharing, community building, and a new economy that "refuses to turn reality into an object that can be used and controlled" but one that "recognizes the inseparable bond "between concern for nature, justice for the poor, commitment to society, and interior peace". (Laudato Si)

We are interested in learning new skills and techniques, sharing our talents, and developing solutions, connections, and strong personal skills and local structures that are resilient in the face of increasingly hostile global forces - climate change, cultural division, finite resources and energy, and indifferent, extractive industries.

As a newly formed meet-up community we will organize workshops, work parties - permablitizes, skill-shares, foraging adventures, educational events, guest speakers, permaculture courses, etc. Regardless of your skill set or experience level, some part of this group will probably cover at least one of your interests whether it be: edible landscapes; organic gardening; food forests; herbalism; foraging for wild foods; bee-keeping; working with animals; preserving food; composting; soil regeneration; rainwater harvesting; mushroom cultivation; new currency; renewable energy; DIY; or community building, and will make sense for you and your current life situation - please join us.

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