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What we’re about

The Southeastern Inventors Association (SIA) is an innovative network for inventors and resource providers. Based in greater Metro Atlanta area, the SIA brings together a diverse group of people. From those just beginning their inventing journey to those with patents in hand combined with people who provide resources, we offer a chance to meet and collaborate twice monthly. Our association meets on the 2nd Saturday each month.

Each meeting has time for networking, a relevant speaker, and association business. We also meet in the evening the week following for a "happy hour" for inventors and interested resource providers.....a roundtable setting to share ideas, ask for advice, and find encouragement for the next step. Started in July 2014, SIA members come from very diverse backgrounds and their innovations are wide-ranging. From very seasoned patent holders to those who are just beginning, visitors are encouraged to tell us how we can support each inventor's journey.

NOTE: Events tagged with SIA+ are managed by our alliances (eg, USPTO Resource Center @ Georgia Tech and the Ritz Group). They set their own rules, prices, and agendas, but we choose to let our members know about them because we believe that these events provide valuable educational materials and contacts.