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What we’re about

Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA) was established in 1991 as a community based organization of people with a passion for mountain biking! We love to explore the spectacular scenery and terrain of Southern Arizona by bike!
As a club, we have been organizing one or more weekly rides for 30 years! You may find us on local Tucson trails or traveling to less frequented areas of the Sonoran Desert and beyond.
Our objective is to promote the enjoyment of mountain biking and nature; to protect and enhance mountain biking opportunities; and to support environmentally and socially responsible use of the land.
SAMBA is active in trail maintenance and mountain biking advocacy. As a group, we are the trail stewards to Passage 5 - Santa Rita section of the AZ Trail. We also highly recommend members to join with groups such as SDMB, TORCA, AZ Trail Association and IMBA for volunteer work, trail maintenance, construction and advocacy. 
SAMBA welcomes everyone on our rides! We enjoy the social aspects of mountain biking as well as the challenges. We try to gear the pace of our rides to the group and stop frequently to regroup. However, we do ride in difficult terrain and suggest that you and your bike to be in fairly good condition in order to enjoy the ride.
Most of our rides would fall into the moderate / intermediate category, unless otherwise listed. Our day rides generally last about three to four hours, with a fair amount of stopping to regroup. Beginners with good stamina should do fine. We are also trying to add Beginner Friendly rides on a regular basis. Night rides are shorter, but do require good lights. If you have questions, please contact the ride leader. Please make sure you and your bike are prepared for the ride: bring a helmet, plenty of water, snacks, spare tube, sunscreen, tools, etc.

The Legal Stuff: PLEASE READ WAIVER! - Participating in a SAMBA ride indicates your agreement with terms of the Liability Release Waiver for yourself and any invited guests!
I/we hereby waive, release and discharge the Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA) and its officers, ride leaders,volunteers, employees, organizers, sponsors, members, and ride participants from any and all claims for personal injury, property damage or death resulting from my/our participation in any SAMBA event. 
I/we acknowledge that mountain biking is a high-risk sport. I/we realize there are certain dangers inherent in the sport of mountain biking, and I/we assume these risks with the full understanding that serious injuries and even death may result from my/our participation in any SAMBA event. 
I intend this release to discharge the above-named from any and all liability arising from or connected in any way with my/our participation in any event, even though that liability may result from the negligence or carelessness of the above named. I/we certify that my/our bicycle is suitable for safe use in all events, that I/we are in good physical condition, and that I/we are able to complete the event. I/we agree to wear a bicycle helmet properly adjusted and fastened and approved by SNELL or ANSI. I/we agree to obey all traffic laws and other laws at all times during all events.
I/we have read this waiver and release and fully understand its terms and agree that it shall be binding on my/our heirs and assigns. I/we consent to emergency care at my own expense if injured or ill .Furthermore, I/we are willing to abide to the Bylaws and Code of Ethics of SAMBA.

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