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Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA) was established in 1991 as a community based organization of people with a passion for mountain biking! We love to explore the spectacular scenery and terrain of Southern Arizona by bike!

As a club, we have been organizing one or more weekly rides for over 25 years! You may find us on local Tucson trails or travelling to less frequented areas of the Sonoran Desert and beyond.

Our objective is to promote the enjoyment of mountain biking and nature; to protect and enhance mountain biking opportunities; and to support environmentally and socially responsible use of the land.

We are an IMBA affiliated club and encourage our members to support and participate in like minded organizations, locally and nationally. SAMBA supports the Pima Trails Association, the Arizona Trail Association and is trail steward to a portion of the AZ Trail in the Santa Rita Mountains.

SAMBA welcomes everyone on our rides! We enjoy the social aspects of mountain biking as well as the challenges. We try to gear the pace of our rides to the group and stop frequently to regroup. However, we do ride in difficult terrain and suggest that you and your bike to be in fairly good condition in order to enjoy the ride.

Most of our rides would fall into the moderate / intermediate category, unless otherwise listed. Our day rides generally last about three to four hours, with a fair amount of stopping to regroup. Beginners with good stamina should do fine. Night rides are shorter, but do require good lights. If you have questions, please contact the ride leader.

Please make sure you and your bike are prepared for the ride: bring a helmet, plenty of water, snacks, spare tube, sunscreen, tools, etc.

You can ride with SAMBA for free. We are not into raising money, but your financial support keeps SAMBA running as an organization. We have expenses such as insurance, promotional materials and equipment, web site, Meetup, mountain bike advocacy, IMBA dues and support of other like minded organizations. No one receives any money; all services are provided voluntarily.

January is our membership renewal month, but you can join at anytime. Dues are $20 yearly and donations are always welcome!

Click on the following link to access our on-line membership application:


The website also provides information on member benefits.

Thanks for your support!

Visit our website at: http://www.sambabike.org

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Sweet fifteen

Sweetwater Preserve Trailhead

Ride 15+ miles at the sweetwater trail system,"Not a beginner ride",experience rides that want to ride faster and longer,will regroup on the ride intersections and continuous pace during the ride,

Memorial Day Ride -AZT - Sahuarita Rd to Coronado Forest Boundary Gate

Social ride. The trail starts by going through a gate on the south side of Sahuarita Rd. This trail is typical southern Arizona terrain with variations from packed dirt, sand, loose rocks, larger rocks and smooth dirt. Right off the bat the trail undulates, mostly uphill, and twists and turns to follow the terrain. After this, the trail begins to climb and to top it off it kicks up just a little bit right at the end. The climbing ends at a gate after 5.5 miles from the start. The trail heads downhill for 1 mile to the lake and then climbs for 3 miles to the Forest Boundary. These three miles of climbing are a little more difficult than the previous climbing. The trail gets rockier and there are a couple larger rocks that may be clip out points for those a little more tired. Once you reach the gate, it's time for a little rest, a snack and then you can turn around and head back out the way you came. Be ready for some fun downhill. The switchbacks will slow you down a little, but there is still plenty of room for some speed. Other than the short, easy climb from the lake back up to the first gate that was passed though, you can expect to be going downhill for about 80% of the time. The duration for this ride will be between 3 and 4 hours. The level of ride is Intermediate due to the duration. This is a beginner friendly ride, you can turn around to go back to the start (Sahuarita Rd), at any time. This is an out and back ride for a total of 18 miles. Ride at your own pace, we will stop a few times along the way to rest, have a snack, and re-group. Please make sure to bring enough snacks to keep your energy up, at least 2 liters of water, helmet, and your bike in good working condition for the ride. Parking: There is parking in the dirt lot at corner of Hwy 83 and Sahuarita Rd, as well as, along Sahuarita Rd. NO RESTROOMS.

Let's ride Honeybee trail, and maybe Badlands.

Bashes Grocery Store

This is a great ride, as long as you can handle the distance. The terrain is very smooth. All the gradual climbing that you think will never end results in a fast, fun downhill for the second half of the ride. Honeybee is 19.4 mile loop. Badlands loop will add another 6.7 miles to the ride, we can decide as a group at that time if we want to ride Badlands. This is a social ride. The ride duration will be between 3 and 4 hours, at an Intermediate level due to the duration of the ride. This is a beginner friendly ride due to hardly any technical sections. Ride your own pace, we'll stop a few times along the route to rest, have a snack, and re-group. Make sure you bike is in good working condition and you must wear a helmet to ride. Have sunscreen, enough food to keep you going, and at least 2 liters of water, but more is better. Parking: We'll park at Bashes Grocery near the gas station and ride over to start of the trail as a group.

Monday Night @ Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island Parking Lot

Monday night ride @ Fantasy island. Plan on 2-3 hours. All skill levels welcome, but you do need a good light (750 lumens minimum). We meet @ 6:30pm, Irvington and Harrison parking lot. No rider left behind. (please bring lights& helmet)Any ?'s call me Mike[masked]

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Beginner Friendly Mountain Bike Ride

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