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We are people who prepare. We may have different reasons for coming to the conclusion to prepare but we can learn from each other. The most important part of the preparation equation is yourself. You must prepare your mind and body. All the equipment in the world is not going to help if you yourself are not prepared. Anyone who prepares should join, both beginners and experienced are welcome.

When the SHTF, where will you be? Chances are you will not be at home where the majority of your preparations are. What will you do? What if you are in your office when the SHTF and you can't get to the preparations you have in the trunk of your car? If you are confronted with the forces of nature such as fire and flood, do you have an escape/evacuation plan? Do you know how many routes there are out of Tucson? Which one will you take? These are scenarios that can happen and you must have a plan to deal with them.

There are a few groups of people that chuckle to themselves when they hear all the hoopla about prepping. They chuckle because they have been living this way for years, if not all of their lives. One group of people chuckling could be your grandparents if they lived through the depression back in the 1920s. Another group could be people living in the country who are actually doing most of the things you read about on preppers' blogs. Not to mention some religious groups like the Amish and Mennonites. You see, to these groups, prepping is how they live and not something they do "part time" or as a hobby.

One must decide why they are prepping and then decide for what exactly are they prepping. You are either prepared or you are not. Knowledge, know-how, experience, supplies and tools are what it takes to be prepared. The goal of this group is for the members to become prepared the best that they can.

This group will take a realistic look at all aspects of prepping. The emphasis and focus will be on the basics and fundamentals of prepping such as proper care and use of a knife rather than waste time debating whether or not knife "A" is superior to knife "B". We all know having a knife is important and each person will have their own personal preference.

We are not the gloom and doom crowd nor are we camo-clad, guns-a-blazing Rambos with a kill or be killed mindset (though I personally do like to wear camo cargo pants). We are just everyday. law-abiding, hard working people who want to overcome the obstacles and challenges that life presents and take care of our loved ones in good times and bad. Rather than gripe about how bad things are, we prepare, assume responsibility, take action and produce results.

Most likely, you are reading this because you feel the future is not as bright as it has been and you want to do something to ensure that you get through the tough times that we are living in. You have witnessed the failings of our government dealing with natural disasters like hurricane Katrina and man-made disasters like the housing and stock market bubbles. You want to take action now so you can be prepared when the SHTF. You have come to the right place. Welcome aboard!

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