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Are you an Indigo Child or Adult, or do you know one and want to know how to understand them?

If so, this group is designed for you! To meet each other, form meaningful friendships, meditate together, and explore how to find joy in this world together. We look forward to meeting you, and creating a safe, conscious, and enjoyable space to explore our gifts and passions together! Oh yes, and have fun doing it!

To determine whether or not you're an Indigo, see below:


If you have at least 3/4 of these characteristics, chances are, you're an Indigo.

1. You are very intuitive.

2. You are very creative.

3. You have wisdom "beyond your years."

4. You are unusually sensitive to others, to your environment, and to the food you eat.

5. You feel a strong impulse to contribute to people; to make the world a better place; and/or to "unfold" something in yourself. In some, this may, at first, show up as a dissatisfaction with the "mundane," or a yearning for something more meaningful.

6. You have little patience for authority figures or rules that don't make sense to you.

7. You have a strong connection to nature, plants, and/or animals

8. You know that many of our institutions and systems need change, and you firmly believe that you know how to change them for the betterment of humanity.

9. You often think and see things differently from those around you; you may not feel "normal" or understood.

10. You have a "warrior spirit" - you are passionate about your beliefs and desires (passion can turn into anger, depression, or abuse of substances if you become discouraged, embittered, or out of touch with your "purpose.")

11. You have an unusual ability to manifest what you put your attention on.

12. You have a built-in "lie detector" - you can sense it when someone is not being authentic.

13. You are strong-willed.

14. You tend to be very intelligent (though not necessarily academically-oriented.)

15. You tend to be unwilling to sell out your values.

16. You tend to be bluntly truthful.

17. Many of you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, or are afraid to fall asleep.

18. You tend to have high expectations - especially of yourself.

19. You yearn for "deeper" relationships, with people who understand you.

20. Many of you have had Celestial or "God" experiences, or unusual experiences with Light or energy.

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