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So many blessings~ Songs for the Heart and Soul
So Many Blessings ~ A celebration in song with Steven Walters, Sudhananda, and Milarepa Steven Walters: Since age seven, Steven has made a life's work of writing and performing original music. For twenty years, he enjoyed a career on the road as a professional guitarist and vocalist in blues and country music bands. In 1993, after being diagnosed with leukemia and told he had twenty-four hours to live, Steven began a period of intensive meditation. Miraculously, he became strong enough to receive a bone marrow transplant and make a full recovery. Inspired by this second chance, in 1995 Steven began to truly live his dream, giving up the smoky bars and club circuit to perform his original music. Steven performs and speaks at diverse venues including concert halls, conferences, new thought churches, folk clubs and intimate house concerts from coast to coast. Events at which he has been invited to share his gifts include: workshops at the Esalen Institute; benefit concerts for the Gangaji Foundation (also featured in Gangaji's video, River of Freedom), Ram Dass, and others; the Inside Edge; and The International New Thought Alliance Conference. He has two independent releases available on compact disc. His album “So Many Blessings” is loved by people all over the world. With a playful simplicity,and a fresh approach to contemporary folk music, Steven Walters invokes the most tender feeling level of the heart, moving one deeply --- to joy and laughter one moment, to unabashed tears the next. With deftly woven lyrics and masterful guitar work, his songs are offerings of humor, spirit and sweetness. His is serious music for the light-hearted soul. "Steven's brilliant music tickles the soul, tantalizes the mind and renews one's sense of humor, joy and happiness." - Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of “Chicken Soup For The Soul”. Sudhananda (aka Paul Greaver): Longtime resident of Marin county, Sudhananda has been involved in music for most of his life. He is a consummate guitarist and singer/songwriter. His playing is intricate and sensitive and comes from a solid background of classical training that has been wedded with folk, rock, jazz and world music influences. His relaxed, clear tenor voice has a pure and gentle quality. His music is all about beauty, harmony and unity — inspired by nature, his master Osho, and meditation. His songs speak with conscious lyrics about love, spirituality, ecology, and social issues. Sudhananda is also a recording engineer and producer and has worked on many recordings for the children's music label, Music For Little People including albums by Maria Muldhar, Donovan and Tina Malia. He runs his own recording studio in San Rafael as well as teaching guitar. Milarepa: a singer/songwriter with more than fifteen albums of original music to his name. He lived in India for more than ten years where he worked in the Osho Commune International coordinating its music department. Part of his work was creating the music for Osho's daily discourses and celebrations. Since 1992, he tours the world annually sharing his passion for meditation, music, and celebration. About his music, Milarepa says: “The music I play reflects my understanding of meditation and love. The themes of my songs are universal and can be appreciated by all travelers on the path of self-realization. According to my understanding, we are on this beautiful planet to celebrate the great mystery of life with our songs, our dances, and our silences of the heart. As humanity moves ever deeper into the twenty-first century, this realization could never be more relevavant. Link for tickets:

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