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Osho Neo-Zen by Sw Chaitanya Keerti, Sw Anand Tathagat and Ma Shivam Aparna
Osho Neo-Zen Meditation Retreat Zen is the most favorite meditative way of life taught by the enlightened Master, Osho. In essence, it is the natural culmination of meditation. Before leaving the body, Osho talked only on Zen for over a year. The traditional Zen was given a new life. Enriched by Osho's insights, it got transformed into Osho Neo-Zen. In this meditation retreat facilitated by Swami Chaitanya Keerti, we will be having just a glimpse into this magical realm of non-doing, just being--Zazen. Swami Chaitanya Keerti was initiated into Osho’s Neo sannyas movement in 1971 and ever since has been dedicatedly associated with the world of meditation. He has been the spokesperson for Osho Commune International and also the founding editor of Osho Times International being published from Pune since 1975. He is presently the spokesperson of Osho World Foundation and the editor of Osho World monthly Hindi magazine published from New Delhi. He has been the editor of Osho books. He is the author of three books on Osho: Allah to Zen, The Osho Way: In Romance with life and Osho Fragrance. Swami Chaitanayya Keerti regularly contributes articles on meditation and other subjects to several newspaper and magazines. He travels extensively to conduct meditation camps in different parts of the country and abroad. Swami Anand Tathagat’s first exposure to Osho’s vision happened in 1970. Reading Osho's books became his love and passion. He had been working as pharmaceutical professional in the world which he continued till 1984, the year that became a turning point in his life: he came to Pune and got initiated into Osho's Neo Sannyas. For two years he participated in the meditation programs in the ashram and in 1986 became the member of the Ashram. After Osho returned to Pune from his world tour, in November 1988, Osho entrusted him with the responsibility of being Commune-In-Charge. Later in July 1989, Osho included him as the member of Inner Circle of 21 disciples and he remained its member and Commune in Charge till 1992. In the year 2000, after moving to Dharamshala, the Osho Nisarga was conceived as Osho's abode in the Himalayas, Swami Anand Tathagat got passionately involved with its creation. He has always taken work as meditation, which happens to be his main meditation. Simultaneously, his Being got enriched through various methods of Osho meditation and therapies which have been available at the Osho commune in Pune and at Osho Nisarga. For last 3 years Osho Neo Vipassana has become his one of the favorite meditation, which he loves to share with fellow travelers. Cost for meditation retreat only is $49 to cover the cost of the event. Mission San Luis Rey provides buffet style breakfast and Lunch for $10 and $12 respectively. Please let us know a week in advance if you like to share meals at the Mission. Single and double occupancy rooms are also available at discounted rates. Please visit their website for details. THERE WILL ALSO BE AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE INITIATED INTO OSHO NEO-SANNYAS For details please visit:

Mission San Luis Rey

4050 Mission Ave · Oceanside, CA

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We invite you to experience the wonders of Osho meditations and communal gatherings in Southern California.

Osho Niranjana Meditation Center is a non-profit organization registered in the State of California. The main objective of this Organization is to share the vision of Osho as per the understanding of Board of Directors. Osho is an enlightened mystic, who has inspired millions of people around the world through his meditations and books, which are very popular among contemporary spiritual seekers. Osho’s spontaneous talks covering almost every possible subjects on this planet have been published in more than 650 books. Besides his numerous inspiring books, he has also devised over 300 meditation techniques suitable for modern age. As with any other enlightened master, Osho Lovers are growing exponentially after he left his body in 1990. Osho has emphasized that Meditation and Love are the only panacea for all the problems of the world.

Our Organization is dedicated to make Osho's insight available to seekers. We also invite other Masters to guide seekers on the path of self discovery and transformation. Currently we meet every month for meditations and celebration. We also do organize (1-day, 3-days, 5-days and 7-days, and 21 days) events facilitated by lifelong disciples of Osho. As a contribution to the community, we all can join hands and spread the message of Meditation & Love!

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"Compassion is a shadow of meditation; a meditative mind is a compassionate mind"~OSHO

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