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Axis and Allies LEARNERS game
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* This post is to gauge interest. Please respond here if you'd be potentially interested. Proposed game is the 2004 edition of Axis and Allies, a wargame based upon World War 2. This will be especially for NEWBIES. Axis and Allies is just a step above the game "Risk" in complexity, and a step below typical traditional wargames in complexity, making it a pretty good choice for newbies. Veterans who are gracious and patient are welcome to join in. Venue will be a private home in Huntingtown Maryland (roughly an hour's drive from DC). Date will be a Saturday or Sunday in March, kicking off around noon, aiming to wind up no later than 5:00 PM. Soft drinks and snacks/pizza will be on hand. Bring your own alcoholic beverage at your discretion. This is a nonsmoking household with no pets present. Players age 18 and over will be welcome. The game can invoke "analysis paralysis" in some players, so we intend to give players a "time limit" to perform each turn, in order to keep the game moving and on track. Similarly, each player will be alloted a certain number of "time outs" they may call to consult the rules or challenge a move by consulting the rules. If you have a chess clock to bring with you, that's a huge plus, please speak up. We DO intend to use the battle boards for execution of all tactical battles, no exceptions. We are aware this is an unpopular decision. Tough. We have no intention of playing "Three Card Monte" on the game map with tactical battles. If you have a problem with this, by all means, set up your own venue / game. Dice will be cast into the empty game box lid, NOT onto the map or table, no exceptions. Dice that bounce out of the box must be re-rolled. "Talking smack" and similar poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. We intend to follow the rules (including official errata sheets) to the 2004 edition as faithfully as possible......"that's the way I've always played before" is not a phrase that will be welcome in this game. We go by the rules as written. To begin the game, there will be one entire round of play executed as a "dry run" so that newbies can get a feel for the mechanics and rhythm of play. Pieces will be reset after this round, and play will then begin in earnest.

Needs a location


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