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This group has a simple theme, it’s for couples who like meeting other couples. Who should join? Anyone who considers themselves in a committed relationship from one month to 100 years and at least one was born between 1946 and 1964 or thereabouts and you enjoy meeting new friends. Most of our members live in the Manchester/Nashua/Salem/Concord areas. Therefore, most of our meetups do center around this area. Some of our members are retired, but many are not.

You may have already noticed that this is not an open meetup group, meaning that only members can actually see who else is in the group and see the specifics of our activities. We prefer our privacy, but we have very few rules. We are a member-driven group, meaning we have several co-organizers to help plan our events, and we encourage members to propose events as well with no restriction.

Past Meetups:

~ Dining Out and Dinner Parties

~ Hiking, Kayaking, Winter Sports

~ Theater and Museum Outings

~ BBQs and Picnics

~ Daytrips and Weekend Getaways

To keep our group going:

There are no fees to join our group initially and we do not normally charge any event fees. With that said, we do have costs for maintaining this website.

Each couple will have the opportunity to attend an unlimited number of meetups for the first 90 days after initially joining. We encourage couples to join and take full advantage of this 'Free Trial'.

After this 90-day period, there is an $18 non-refundable annual fee charged to each couple. Please note that the website will automatically add the 90-day initial grace period to your first year, effectively always giving you 15 months for the 'first' year from the date you've initially joined i.e., there's nothing to gain by waiting.

Once you are a paid member, your spouse/partner may join our group at no charge in order to receive notification of events. Your spouse/partner must first join Meetup (which is free) and then join our group after that. Please just let us know in the questions asked upon joining that you would like an exempt membership.

As of 12/08/2019, we have 32 couples that are in our group who are paid members, and 3 couples who are in the 90 day free trial. The number reported by Meetup is misleading because of exempt memberships extended to spouses.

Please post a photo of you and your partner so we will know you at the Meetups!

With a few exceptions, such as the Ladies Only or Men Only events, all of our meetup events are intended for couples. However, if a spouse or partner is unavailable for an event that both would have attended otherwise, the remaining spouse is welcome to attend. These opportunities are limited and if they occur on a regular basis, the couple will be uninvited to our group.

Maybe you are new to the Southern New Hampshire area and don't know anyone to hang out with, or maybe you just want to make new friends to expand your social circle! If you live together or not, are married or single, it doesn’t matter. "Couples" is about twosomes who would like to join others for dinner with light conversation and meeting and enjoying new friends. If that sounds like you, please join our group.

Our events have grown to a point where any type of activity works that involves where people come together and socialize and get to know each other.

If you RSVP to attend an event and don't think you'll be able to attend, please change your RSVP to NO at least 24 hours in ADVANCE. We will wait 10 minutes for your late arrival (please post on the Meetup event to let us know you're going to be late) otherwise, we will carry on without you.

Many reservations are made based on RSVP's and some restaurants charge a fee if enough people do not show up to fulfill the reservation. So, please be courteous and treat this commitment as you would any family, friend or professional commitment. If a member RSVP's to attend an event AND subsequently does not show up AND fails to makes any effort to communicate with other members or the Southern NH Baby Boomers Couples website, that couple will be removed from the group upon the second occurrence of this happening. A warning will be communicated to this member after the first time this occurs.

Who should attend Meetups?

Our Meetups are intended for couples who have joined our group, unless the meetup description clearly says otherwise i.e, Ladies only, Men Only, etc.

In certain situations a consultation with the Host of an event should be done prior to attending, such as when a couple desires to bring an additional person or couple to a meetup, or only one member of a couple wishes to attend what is clearly a 'couples' meetup event.

Event Organizer Guidelines:

Want to go out to dinner or a game with new friends next weekend or during the week and there isn't an event on the calendar, feel free to post it!

Anyone can organize an event in this group, and we encourage this!

If you offer up an idea with a date, you are committing to see the idea through by organizing, hosting, answering questions, attending and so on. When proposing an event, we recommend that you always propose something that YOU want to do , not what you think OTHERS want to do, with a mindset that if no one else decides to go, that's okay, since you and your significant other wanted to do this anyway.

If you have specific expectations, such as needing a specific number of attendees for the event to run, please state that in the writeup.

Before cancelling an event you have organized, please contact any members who have already signed up and see if they want to assume hosting the event or if some mutually agreeable change should be made, such as a revised date and time or venue change.

If you still feel you must actually cancel an event, please be courteous and post an explanation as to why the event was cancelled.

The Event Host accepts all responsibility for event fees, including collecting the fees from members either ahead of time or at the meetup.

More Fine Print:

Removal:The organizer(s) retains the right to remove members or refuse membership to anyone. Members will be automatically removed upon joining if they do not appear to be a 'couple'. Members may also be removed for rude or disrespectful behavior to organizer(s) or other members. Should removal from the group become necessary, no dues or fees will be returned, if applicable.

Disclaimer: When signing up for Meetup.com, all members of Meetup must agree to their Terms of Service. The Meetup.com ToS 6.2 specifically releases the Organizer and Assistant Organizers from any liability related to incidents that occur at Meetup gatherings. During Meetup events, everyone is responsible for his or herself. The organizer and/or assistant organizers are not responsible for the safety of the participants. By joining the ‘Southern NH Baby Boomers Couples Group', you acknowledge this.

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The Brooklyn Charmers at Blue Ocean Music Hall

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Mini golf and dinner at LaBelle’s Derry

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Sterling MA Arts Festival

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