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This group is for leashed-only dog walking in the Southern New Hampshire area (Hudson, Nashua, Windham, Salem). If you want your dog to make new dog friends, and you like the idea of leashes in use, this group is for you.

This group is for all dogs, all breeds, big and small, with leashes a must at all times. Allow some distance between the dogs until they show mutual understanding of one another. There are no groups inclusive of shy/nervous dogs who desperately need socialization. Now there are!

My name's Sara. I'm originally from the area. My dog's name is Snow; she's a rescue from South Korea. In Korea, we went to dog parks all the time, and she loved all dogs. She would even let the tiny chihuahuas jump all over her. Not anymore - We came to America. She made a dog friend. He moved. I worked full time. She lost her socialization. She now needs to make leashed friends; unknown dogs getting too close makes her scared. She needs time to observe them first and figure out who they are. She's so shy. I want to create a safe and loving group for shy/timid dogs as well as any and all dogs. ❤

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