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This group is intended for people familiar with Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communications (NVC) through his book "Nonviolent Communications: A Language of Life" or related NVC material. We gather together to practice compassionate listening and speaking following the Observation, Feeling, Needs, Requests (OFNR) model. We support each other through compassion and empathy and integrate the understanding the everyone takes an action to meet a need, even if we don't understand the exact nature of the need at that moment.

I am grateful for the work Marshall Rosenberg has done to create and promote NVC worldwide. Integrity is important to me and I choose to honor the trademark and effort of the Center for Nonviolent Communications (CNVC, http://www.cvnc.org). Since I am not a certified trainer, I wish to abide by the guidelines set forth for sharing NVC. Details of the guidelines for sharing NVC can be found at http://www.cnvc.org/node/6832.

I also accept that there are many models and forms of communicating with compassion, being empathic, having a connection with oneself or with others. The purpose for this forum is to share and practice NVC, in its "classical" form and also fostering Giraffe Language for those already familiar with NVC. Thus I request participants' acceptance to focus on NVC. There are many forums to advertise, learn, and practice other models, and I encourage participants interested in those to seek such out.

Payments collected at these meetups are to support expenses in preparing and facilitating the meetups. I also commit to contributing at least 10% to CNVC.

Your participation is what makes this group effective and fun. I appreciate you choosing to set aside a part of your time to what I believe is a power way of connecting with oneself and with others. I'm looking forward to experiencing this with you!

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