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Compassionate Communications--A 10-week Workshop week 6


Please join us for a ten-week introduction, refresher, and opportunity to practice and improve communication and connection skills with yourself and others. This workshop is based on the work by Marshall Rosenberg in "Nonviolent Communications, A Language of Life." Create your life, relationships, and your world in harmony with your values.

We will be skipping a few Friday, and I will update the schedule as that gets more clear.

The workshop runs from 6:30 until 9:15, with a short break. The start and end times may change based on group consciousness.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

Connect with their own feelings and needs, and those of others Express themselves in a way that makes it more likely to be heard by others Hear the "yes" in a "no"--start a connection instead of finishing an exchange Express appreciations and regrets in a more connecting way We will use the book Nonviolent Communications: A Language of Life which you can bring with your or will be available at cost (of approximately $20)

Cost is $150 for the ten weeks, paid to Center for Conscious Living.

Tentative schedule is: Feb 1, 8, 22; Mar 1, 8, 22; Apr 5, 12, 26; May 3 (makeup day on May 10 if necessary)

About the facilitators:

Elizabeth is passionate about Marshall Rosenberg's revolutionary Nonviolent Communication, and has been since taking a class offered at the Center for Conscious Living in 2006. She has continued to explore and develop her skills and understanding of this life-changing language with on-going group work and in-depth seminars. Elizabeth is committed to growth and development as a Compassionate Communications facilitator and is excited about empowering others who desire to express themselves more fully and to deepen their relationships by becoming familiar with this language of consciousness.

Steffen was exposed to the Marshall Rosenberg's material and NVC in early 2007 by participating in a self study group using the book Nonviolent Communications. Both the book and the group were very eye opening and inspiring. Wanting to dig deeper, Steffen started working with a CNVC Certified Trainer in New York City (NYCNVC) in 2008. Steffen has over four hundred hours of dedicated time learning, facilitating, co-facilitating, introducing, and sharing Compassionate Communications with individuals and groups new to NVC and those familiar and wishing to practice NVC. This includes six 9-week workshops he has facilitated in southern New Jersey since 2009, and groups meeting regularly to practice Compassionate Communications.

CNVC: Center for Nonviolent Communciations,

NYCNVC: New York Center for Nonviolent Communication,

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