What we're about

We are a group of people who like to get together to socialize over board games. This is for everyone and anyone who loves to play board games of all different types and difficulties. Or, who would love to learn new games that they could add to their collection. We invite all singles, friends, couples, and families. Because of the time, place, and age limit on most games, we ask that the age limit be 8 years and up. (However, on occasion, we have been known to set up a table for beginning gamers.)

We play a wide variety of games so there is sure to be one to suit everyone's taste. Most games can be taught in about 5 minutes so everyone can join in the fun without feeling lost for long. We encourage you to bring games that you may have and teach others how to play.

Games are played at multiple tables with varying game play duration so you should be able to join in a game after a short wait no matter when you arrive. Although people start to leave after 9:00, some people have been known to play past midnight.

We ask that you respect the rules of conduct for any business or establishment that allows us our crazy fun. Businesses have requested a number of participants that may be attending, so PLEASE RSVP! Unfortunately, most people do not RSVP so it is not a good indicator of the number of people who will actually show up at a meetup. So, once again, PLEASE RSVP!

Can't wait to meet more crazy people who love to play board games!! Look for people with stacks of games. Just announce yourself, say you're new, and we'll find a place for you.

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IHOP Cedar City

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IHOP Cedar City

Friday Night Game Night

IHOP Cedar City

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