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What we’re about

Have you considered how the emotional labor and demand that is put on us as women affects the way we do business?

Feminine business created by women does not have to look the same as traditional corporate business.

Our energetic and emotional wisdom has the capacity to create demand with just the simple power of how we think. But if we keep doing things the way we've been conditioned, looking for validation and answers everywhere except within our own minds and our own experience, we end up suffering - physically and emotionally.

The purpose of SUBWCD is to come together as entrepreneurial women, as peers and colleagues in an industry of women in business, to listen, learn and heal as we discover our vision and create demand for our businesses even in the midst of suffering while creating emotional wellbeing.

Do you believe you can suffer as a business owner and still succeed? You absolutely can if you learn the skills to manage your emotional health. Emotional health is different from mental health.

Our free Business Coaching online events and in-person meetup events are created with actionable tools and tips.

Even if you come alone, you will never feel alone. Bring a friend or two, or come and join me - all women are welcome to learn, absorb, and see how quickly you will finally see permanent change in your personal and business life.

When we collaborate with each other as co-members, co-design our experience together, and contribute each of our own voices, unique lived experiences, and creative interpretations of tools, teachings and techniques, we truly rise together.

Make Time To Shine,

  • Karynn E Collins