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Cool Hike for a Hot Day
About a 3 mile hike and much of it will be in the shade. We should be and out with temps below the high 80's at the end. This is a fun hike to test your scrambling skills. It's an in and out hike so you won't be left behind and you can't get lost. Some mildly difficult scrambles over large rock obstacles, but we will help anyone who has trouble getting over the few obstacles along the way. You might get your feet wet in a couple of spots, but if it doesn't rain the night before it should be even drier than it was on my scouting hike yesterday. Look for fossils in the rocks! A really interesting hike and close to town so no long drive to get to a cool spot. About 8 miles down a very well maintained road from the south end of River Road. Look for my Dark Chocolate Ford Explorer.

River Road at Airport Parkway

BLM 1069 · St. George, ut

Respond by: 8/20/2018

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