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This is a meetup for those who are curious about web development, programming and modern technologies.

We gave it the Southside name to focus on the south side DFW folks. North Dallas is covered up with meetups and groups. This group is focused on South of Mockingbird down to Red Oak. (All are welcome)

We'll explore various technologies in our meetups. These meetups will include, but are not limited to some of the following:

• Building and designing websites

• Working with API's from various technologies (Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook or whatever)

• Exploring new technologies:

• Javascript

• Raspberry Pi

• Android/IOS

• Digital Media

• Docker

• Artificial Intelligence

• Machine Learning

• And maybe something cool, something we've never heard of before.

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Who should join: Students and professionals interested in web and computer technologies. See the list above for some of the topics we'll explore.

Why should members join: We're creating a group of south side DFW techies willing to meet and discus the latest computer tech. We're going to review, test, learn and share a variety of computer related tech from different experts in the field. We'll challenge ourselves as well as have some fun playing with nerdy stuff. We may even challenge a north side group to a fun and competitive nerd off.

What can members expect out of the group: We'll try to meet once a month to network, compare ideas and watch a live computer related technology demo, workshop or tutorial given by an expert in that topic.

Community: We started this meetup to service the big blank space in South DFW of meetups. Everything seems to be north of Mockingbird, which can be daunting to make a meetup if you live south of Mockingbird. We aren't exclusive and would welcome any Northerners, but we wanted a place to share with our Southside Techno Nerds.

We look forward to meeting and exchanging ideas in a fun and friendly environment.

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